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Bobcats Lead National Peace Corps Celebration

By Kate Winther

(November 19, 2001) — When President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps and appointed Sargent Shriver as its first director in March 1961, he probably never imagined just how big it would become and how many years it would last.

Neuhaus Knows Entertainment News

By Kate Winther

(March 16, 2001) — When actress Julia Roberts ended her engagement to Kiefer Sutherland in 1991, she agreed to talk to only one journalist — Cable Neuhaus (BSJ ’69), the Entertainment Weekly Los Angeles bureau chief at the time.

Lewis Fights for Women in the Military

By Kate Winther

(November 21, 2000) — Although she did not go overseas during the Gulf War, Vickie Lewis (MSJ ’97) captured on film many of the soldiers’ homecomings- including those of several women who had served.

Popping the Cork on Keiffer

By Kate Winther

(June 8, 2000) — As the senior citizens gather at the winery, the group leader asks them to complete the final step before they can taste the wine- they must show him a form of ID.

Scholarship Awards

By Staff

(June 12, 1999) — Outstanding seniors.

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