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Indians Wahoo for Zapanta

By Kristen Ziegler

(March 16, 1996) — You don’t have to be a baseball player to make it to the World Series.

Kerr Works for Mouse – And Loves It!

By Kristen Ziegler

(November 22, 1995) — Remember the magic of Walt Disney World?

PR Grad Building Homes in Utah

By Kristen Ziegler

(June 10, 1995) — In this fast-paced world of new technology and quick advancement, its good to see some people appreciating the basics in life.

Guido Stempel: a truly distinguished professor

By Kristen Ziegler

(November 23, 1994) — Ohio University first came to know Guido H. Stempel III in 1965.

Weissman makes tracks to the top

By Kristen Ziegler

(June 11, 1994) — Rozanne Weissman is doing her part to make sure the environment is preserved for the youth of the future.

Grad raises income with own ad agency

By Kristen Ziegler

(March 19, 1994) — Ive made more money in the past three months than I did in a year-and-a-half at my last job! claims an exuberant Kathleen OBrien Quintis.

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