Ohio Journalist

Ohio Journalist 1991-92

The Ohio Journalist - Peter Arnett Comes to Ohio U.

By Eric L. Zuccola

(June 13, 1992) — CNN correspondent headlines Communication Week with Toni House and Clarence Page

From the Director Put a positive spin on things

By Ralph Izard

(June 13, 1992) — That's not just a political ploy.

The Ohio Magazine Writers Group

By Barbara Ziegler

(June 13, 1992) — Since 1987, students in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism have served as literary agents for the Ohio Magazine Writers Group.

"Helluva Place to get an Education"

By Andy Jones

(June 13, 1992) — Every weekend during the school year, several Ohio University professors spend time in jail.

OU Students on World Media Tour

By Christine Goodwin

(June 13, 1992) — Several students from the school of Journalism had the chance to experience international media first hand this past winter break, as Dr. Ralph Kliesch led them on the Communications Capitals of the World Study Tour.

Sexual Discrimination Hits Home

By Tracey Modic

(June 13, 1992) — Despite the increased sensitivity to sexual harassment following the Anita HillClarence Thomas hearings, discrimination remains a fact of life for professional women.

Journalism Students Hit the Real World

By Jim Glauner

(June 13, 1992) — Under the Guidance of Cassandra Reese, Journalism Majors Get Experience in the Professional Workplace

Scripps Graduate Program: Good Gets Better

By James A. Baumann

(June 13, 1992) — The graduate program in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism has established itself as one of the best in the country.

Yup. Im still alive and well.

By Staff

(June 13, 1992) — What are alumni doing now?

J-School to Dedicate Russell N. Baird Graphics Laboratory

By Staff

(June 13, 1992) — The journalism faculty unanimously agreed to dedicate the schools graphics facility in Scripps Hall to Professor Russ Baird as he completes his 40th year as a faculty member at OU.

Scripps Launches Pilot Co-op Project

By Tracy Corrigan

(June 13, 1992) — In a time of a sagging economy and a threatened educational system, employers nationwide are voicing their discontent — they say today's students simply are not prepared to enter the work force.

J-School Honors Terry Anderson

By Staff

(June 13, 1992) — The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism will give special Carr Van Anda award to Terry Anderson, The victim of nearly seven years of activity in the Middle East.

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