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Ohio Journalist 1992-93

The Ohio Journalist-Earthquakes and coup attempts are his style

By Carolyn Richards

(June 1, 1993) — Hes been in the middle of earthquakes, lava flows, and major coup attempts, and thats just where Bill Vartorella, partner of Craig and Vartorella International Marketing and Advertising, Inc., wants to remain.

Graduates Find success at CNN

By Donn Cost Jr.

(June 1, 1993) — Millions of viewers around the world know CNN for its superior, up-to-the-minute reporting.

Lab named for Russ Baird

By Staff

(June 1, 1993) — Retired Professor Russ Bairds 40 years of service to the School of Journalism was recognized with the naming of the Russell N. Baird Graphics Laboratory.

Soviet coup thrusts grad to forefront

By Joe Thompson

(June 1, 1993) — While Russian military leaders were forcing their troops to oust Mikahil Gorbachev, Brian Friedman and Ohio University alumnus and former editor of The Post, led troops of his own into the streets of Moscow.

Professor takes road less traveled

By Margaret Scaggs

(June 1, 1993) — Greenwald finds niche studying womens role in the media

Newspaperman switches to PR

By Jeannie McGogney

(June 1, 1993) — Lefty Gomez is not a name that is usually associated with public relations.

Broadcaster prefers the streets of NY

By Betsy Benyo

(June 1, 1993) — Ohio University alumnus Matthew Schwartz has found his calling as an investigative reporter for a mail television station in New York.

PR graduate plays in the minor leagues

By Jennifer Schleman

(June 1, 1993) — People think baseball is fun, but its a business and sometimes I forget that Im in baseball, Ian Laurie, director of media relations and marketing for the Huntington Cubs minor league baseball team said.

To love, honor, and relate. PR couple finds best of both worlds

By Sharon Bok

(June 1, 1993) — Luncheons for public relations practitioners are a great way to network, learn from professionals in the field, and, as Marilynn Marr and Richard Baker have proved, a way to meet your spouse.

Communication Week--Students rub elbows with professionals

By Tiffany M. Aumann

(June 1, 1993) — Journalism students learned what it takes to survive in the real world from professionals in the field during the 25th annual Communication Week, April 26-30

Celebrates 25 Years

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(June 1, 1993) — Long-time sports writer honored for what I enjoy.

What she wants is what she gets

By Jennifer Mulhall

(June 1, 1993) — From Marietta to Chicago, Susan Bergen has been climbing the corporate success ladder since her graduation in 1983.

The Messenger goes to college

By Staff

(June 1, 1993) — For many years journalism students have been going to the Athens Messenger to learn a few things.

Alfeld retires from Illinois

By Monique Means

(June 1, 1993) — William Alfeld, a 1949 OU graduate and Associate Dean of the University of Illinois College of Communication, retired August 20, 1992 after 35 years of service with the institution.

Rainbow Connection offers golden opportunities

By Jennifer Dolfuss

(June 1, 1993) — For Eileen Caruso, media relations coordinator of Cleveland's Rainbow Babies and Childrens' Hospital, dreams to come true in todays turbulent health care setting.

Student turns Ohio campuses Insideout

By Sharon Bok

(June 1, 1993) — Some journalists only dream of producing their own magazine, but an Ohio University senior has already started Insideout magazinea publication that won a William Randolph Hearst Journalism Award for the premier issues cover story.

Richardson to Retire

By Staff

(June 1, 1993) — Long time associate professor of advertising Bob Richardson is retiring early to enjoy life in general and his 1964 Jaguar XKE in particular.

Magazine reflects region's culture

By Kristan Collins

(June 1, 1993) — The southeastern Ohio region, as any alumnus knows, has a unique flavor.

Faculty to teach in Germany

By Staff

(June 1, 1993) — Two Ohio University faculty members will spend up to 14 weeks at the University of Leipzig in Germany this year, serving as course instructors and consultants.

Class Notes June 1993

By Staff

(June 1, 1993) — What are alumni doing now?

High court reporter receives awards

By Julianne Fogel

(June 1, 1993) — Communication Week brings to Ohio University many distinguished and successful journalists.

The Ohio Journalist-The Associated Press comes to the rescue

By Michelle M. Schoenung

(March 1, 1993) — Ralph Izard, Director of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, was in a bind.

L.J. Hortin Remembered

By Ralph Izard

(March 1, 1993) — Somehow, reading L.J. Hortins obituary was one of those experiences one cannot believe is real.

Clarence Page to speak at graduation

By Margaret Scaggs

(March 1, 1993) — From 1965-1969, professors in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism were judging Clarence Pages work.

OU students get inside look at international media

By Susan Smith

(March 1, 1993) — What may sound like the itinerary for a European vacation was instead an unparalleled learning experience for 12 OU journalism students.

Signom first woman VP at NCR

By Patricia Allen

(March 1, 1993) — OU graduate Lola Singnom became the first woman to be named a vice president of NCR Corporation, the nations fifth-largest computer manufacturer.

Lichtenburg scholarship established

By Jennifer Schleman

(March 1, 1993) — A memorial scholarship in the name of Ohio University alumnus Joseph M. Lichtenburg has been established by the Nations Capital Chapter of the OU Alumni Association.

Bugs and Daffy give grad the needle

By Carolyn Richards

(March 1, 1993) — Most reporters may say they will shy away from few situations, even when life or limb is threatened.

Cooper heads El Paso Ad Firm

By Stephanie Smolic

(March 1, 1993) — The name has been changed to deBryun, Cooper, Maldonado.

Researchers study 92 Presidential election

By Amy K. Radick

(March 1, 1993) — The Ohio University Center for Political Communication recently finished the third and final stage of a study of the 1992 Presidential election.

A story of Conan the Grammarian

By Katie Miller

(March 1, 1993) — Relaxing beside a warm fire in Dr. Dru Riley Evarts living room was one of the last places I imagined I would be after diagramming sentences and combating confusing words in her Precision Language class.

Maximizing the chances of love

By Julianne Fogel

(March 1, 1993) — Cupid has some serious competition.

Messenger celebrates past and future

By Raquelle Echenberger

(March 1, 1993) — Last November 25 marked the 87th anniversary of The Athens Messenger as a daily paper.

PR grad races to the top

By Peggy Campbell

(March 1, 1993) — OU alumnus Dennis Benders love of motorsports began as a 7-year-old spectator at a jalopy race.

Honesty carries graduate to Colorado banking firm

By Michelle Major

(March 1, 1993) — Peg McKechnie, a 1966 graduate from the OU school of journalism, was named vice president of Norwest Colorado, Inc., the largest banking firm in Colorado, in April, 1992.

Golf enthusiast brings hobby to office

By Brad Kostka

(March 1, 1993) — Although most would say the secret to success is hard work, 1981 OU graduate Brett Borton says its a passion for what you're doing.

Corporate satire is music to his ears

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(March 1, 1993) — Ohio University alumnus Al Galletly has transformed his love for music into a second career in corporate entertainment.

Class Notes March 1993

By Staff

(March 1, 1993) — What are alumni doing now?

The Ohio Journalist-Endowment establishes international journalism post

By Paul A. Pegher

(December 1, 1992) — Many people who graduate from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism often look back and express their gratitude for the opportunities the school provided them.

Laughs lead OU grad to Stardom

By Greg Hoeth

(December 1, 1992) — Most Journalists never expect to go from meeting deadlines to writing punch lines.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Pittsburgh Post-Gazette strike provides historical opportunity for OU grad

By Stephanie Smolic

(December 1, 1992) — Ann Ivory, a former OU public relations major, was chosen as one of two town criers for the strike-shuttered Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

OU graduate, gossip columnist & travel doctor

By Julianne Fogel

(December 1, 1992) — When he isnt eavesdropping on the powerful and elite, he is rubbing elbows in the front room of Washingtons see-and-be-seen Jockey Club restaurant.

An ability to sort out the truth

By Sharon Bok

(December 1, 1992) — Terrence Leedom, host of New Mexico Talks, wants his audience to get involved with issues.


By Julianne Fogel

(December 1, 1992) — After her retirement from The Miami Herald in 1980, Elenor Ratelle, 1936 graduate of Ohio University, did anything but retire.

Shes a journalist, not a television personality

By Sharon Bok

(December 1, 1992) — Audrey Port has been willing to go where the jobs are to become a news anchor.

OU grad helps Third Century Campaign surpass $100 million goal, Journalism school shares in Success

By Paul Pegher

(December 1, 1992) — With endowments such as the Charles E. Glover Named Professorship, the College of Communication and the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism have benefited greatly from the Third Century Campaign, Ohio Universitys major fundraising drive, which began in 1989

Pulitzer Prize winner and OU alumnus Paul Gapp dies of cancer

By Athena Forrest

(December 1, 1992) — Paul Gapp, E.W. Scripps School of Journalism alumnus and Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic for the Chicago Tribune, died June 30 of lung cancer complicated by emphysema, his office said.

OUs automobile journalists, Communication thats Ford Tough

By Staff

(December 1, 1992) — The American road, the street that winds around Ford Moto Co.s world headquarters, is a fitting business address for two Ohio University graduates who have traveled to many unexpected destinations during their communication careers.

A master at doing eight things at once

By Carolyn Richards

(December 1, 1992) — Professor Michael Bugeja not only excites learning in his students, he also excites the literary world with books, articles, and poetry.

New faces at J-School

By Amy Morehead

(December 1, 1992) — This fall brings with it the appointments of three new professors at the Ohio University School of Journalism, and the resignation of three faculty members.

Around the country and up the corporate ladder

By Joe Thompson

(December 1, 1992) — Dan Bauer, a 1971 J-School graduate, has recently accepted a position as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales with CIRRUS/MasterCard

Culbertson appointed to IPRE advisory board

By Staff

(December 1, 1992) — Hugh M. Culbertson, professor in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, has been appointed to a two-year term on the Educators Advisory Board of the Institute for Public Relations Research and Education.

Izard begins ASJMC presidency

By Raquelle Echelberger

(December 1, 1992) — Ralph Izard began his term as president of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication in early October for the 1992-1993 school year.

OU alumnus Van Gordon Sauter to lead Fox Network news

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(December 1, 1992) — Van Gordon Sauter, the man who was twice president of CBS News, has been named the new president of Fox News, Fox Inc.

OU students win big with Scripps Howard scholarships

By Joe Thompson

(December 1, 1992) — The students of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, in attempt to fund their higher education, have added yet another success to the prestige of the Scripps program.

Recognition, Recruitment and Requirements

By Katie Miller

(December 1, 1992) — Scripps, VisCom rise in the three Rs

Saving the environment, Helping business care

By Amy Morehead

(December 1, 1992) — Conservation, recycling, and waste managementthese are very familiar words to todays society.

Veteran foreign correspondents call for better coverage of Asia

By Dwight Woodward

(December 1, 1992) — Americans arent getting an accurate picture of the relationship between the United States and Japan because the national media focus on conflicts rather than similarities, according to veteran correspondence covering Asia for national daily newspapers.

OUs impressive ImPRessions hard at work

By Heidi Gagnon

(December 1, 1992) — In the recesses of E.W. Scripps Hall hides something you wouldnt normally look for in a journalism school--a public relations agency.

Students ask OU alumni for internship opportunities

By Margaret Scaggs

(December 1, 1992) — Individuals seeking jobs in journalism need many things: a snazzy business suit, a college education and, most importantly, work experience.

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