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Ohio Journalist 1993-94

The Ohio Journalist- Rothschild achieves firsts in political arena

By Amy B. Potts

(June 11, 1994) — It was really a quirk of fate, said Beryl Elaine Rotschild (BSJ 51) about her involvement in politics. She recently has won her fifth term as Mayor of University Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, and is now the longest serving female mayor in Cuyahoga County.

Iceland reporter warms to countrys style of journalism

By Stephanie Ackles

(June 11, 1994) — Not all foreign students studying journalism in the United States adopt American reporters cut-throat approach to breaking stories.

Veteran sports writer calls it quits

By Brad Kostka

(June 11, 1994) — Two events signaled to Henry Hank Kozloski (BSJ 53) that it was time to retire from being a sports writer.

Four papers down under

By Carly Keeler

(June 11, 1994) — Deb Akitat is not the typical OU student.

Communication Week: health and the media

By Eric Lanham

(June 11, 1994) — The timeliness and pervasiveness of health care and health care reform in the mass media prompted the Ohio University College of Communication to make Communication and Health the theme of the 26th Annual Communication Week, April 25-29.

Battin soars to new heights in marketing

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(June 11, 1994) — An eclectic career at Ohio University has helped put one alumnus on the front lines of the newest trend in the marketing industry.

No jet lag for Fannin with international journals

By Tiffany Aumann

(June 11, 1994) — For every day of her life Rebecca Fannin (BSJ 77) loses, she gains one back.

Americans successful at Military Network in Europe

By Ann Ford Mulligan

(June 11, 1994) — More than 370,000 Americans living in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa get their American news, sports, and information and entertainment from home by turning to American Forces Network (AFN).

Fedash's job does not seem like work

By Anna Szymanski

(June 11, 1994) — Work and play usually do not go hand and hand.

Sports reporting leads to public relations for Waitkus

By Cindy Park

(June 11, 1994) — Public relations careers can be achieved several ways, and David Waitkus demonstrates how a sports writer can become involved in public relations, unintentionally.

Alexander becomes deputy bureau chief at Cox

By M.J. Clark

(June 11, 1994) — What does a topnotch journalist do after two decades of investigative reporting, foreign reporting, feature writing, covering armed conflicts and winning several major journalism awards?

LeFeber helps provide money for elderly research

By Stephanie Ackles

(June 11, 1994) — While most companies hire workers to increase revenue, Marilyn Stein LeFeber (BSJ, 71), works to give money away as an associate vice president of the Retirement Research Foundation.

Kellers create scholarship for Ohio journalists

By Julianne Fogel

(June 11, 1994) — Alumni David and Marian Keller donated a $25,000 gift annuity to Ohio University that will provide funds for a School of Journalism scholarship after Kellers death.

Skywriting: Aviation PR proves secure

By Monique M. Means

(June 11, 1994) — Aviation touches all of us because its part of our daily life. You develop a personal relationship with it and put your faith and confidence in that machine to arrive safely, said David Venz, vice president of Airbus Industries of North America.

Minor leaguer finds major success in promotions

By Cara Maruskin

(June 11, 1994) — Steven Burton, (BSJ 92) has hit a homerun in his position as advertising sales representative and director of telemarketing for the Frederick Keys Baseball team of Maryland.

Weissman makes tracks to the top

By Kristen Ziegler

(June 11, 1994) — Rozanne Weissman is doing her part to make sure the environment is preserved for the youth of the future.

Health care magazines prove challenging

By Meghan Burns

(June 11, 1994) — Lisa Lopez, 1982 Graduate and managing editor of HMO Magazine, said that it is an exciting and challenging time for health care.

Preserving the Rocky Mountain wilderness

By Paul A. Pegher

(June 11, 1994) — When Todd L. Malmsburry (BSJ 72) was at OU, he had two primary interests: reporting and the outdoors.

Its easier to maneuver in Cleveland thanks to Krecic

By Elizabeth Coleman

(June 11, 1994) — The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism demands excellence, and Lisa Scardilli Krecic, a 1982 graduate, has achieved it.

Coffey keeps college friendships alive

By Eden C. Pacernick

(June 11, 1994) — Why did 16 Ohio University alumni and former Lincoln Hall residents remain friends after 1971?

Tackling education with a liberal arts background

By Jessica Fucci

(June 11, 1994) — While being interviewed, Tracy Cooper, public relations director for the Colorado Springs school system, was packing for a business trip and on another line answering media questions about the death of a junior high student.

Golding, Orthodox Observer receive top marks

By Eileen E. Dunn

(June 11, 1994) — Change the format, the writing stylemake whatever changes are necessary, advice James Golding (BSJ 72) was told in 1989 when appointed editor-in-chief of the Orthodox Observer.

Plagman heeds to the attraction of the West

By Julianne Fogel

(June 11, 1994) — Kevin Plagman too heart in the words, Go west, young man.

Class Notes Spring 1994

By Staff

(June 11, 1994) — What are alumni doing now?

Grad finds niche with foundation

By M.J. Clark

(June 11, 1994) — George J. Chip Eschenfelder (BSJ 90) speaks enthusiastically about his position as manager of the marketing and communications for the Central New York Community Foundation, a non-profit public trust based in Syracuse.

Powers educate public about Leukemia

By Meghan Burns

(June 11, 1994) — Diverse Experience.

Bartow finds niche with magazine

By Monique Means

(March 19, 1994) — I love running my own business, said Randy Bartow, publisher and 1973 graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

The Ohio Journalist — Graduate does time for refusing to testify

By Lisa Abraham

(March 19, 1994) — Until last October, the most action my journalism books saw since I left Ohio University was being packed and unpacked into moving cartons.

O.U. leads in Mass Comm Research

By Mindy Lynch

(March 19, 1994) — Ohio Universitys E.W. Scripps School of Journalism recently demonstrated, once again, the breadth of its quality.

International PR: No Time for Snapshots

By Stephanie Ackles

(March 19, 1994) — While traveling in Paris in October, June Farrell, director of public relations programs for the Marriott Corporation, had little time to view the city from the Eiffel Tower, to tour the Louvre, or to dine on French cuisine.

Graduates find rewards as educators

By Amy B. Potts

(March 19, 1994) — When students graduate from Ohio University with a degree in journalism, they typically take one of three paths.

Laura Landro beats the odds

By Carly Keeler

(March 19, 1994) — Ohio University graduate Laura Landro has beaten the odds.

Washburn to speak at Smithsonian

By George A. Rafeedie

(March 19, 1994) — Patrick S. Washburn, assistant director, will speak at the Smithsonian Institutions exhibition, The Journalistic coverage of World War II.

Home sweet home in Japan

By Joe Thompson

(March 19, 1994) — Graduate easily adjusts to life and career abroad

Friedenberg selected as O.U. visiting professor

By Jennifer C. Schleman

(March 19, 1994) — Former executive editor for the Santa Fe New Mexican, Walter Friedenberg loves his new job.

Lois Seigel knows all there is to know about The Crying Game

By Julianne Fogel

(March 19, 1994) — It began in her Lakeview apartment with a projector, a piano bench and some black leader she dug out of the film labs garbage.

Woman sports writer overcomes obstacles

By Stephanie Ackles

(March 19, 1994) — Imagine a world where reporters needed permission slips to cover a story.

PRSSA to honor Dr. Culbertson

By Eric Mansfield

(March 19, 1994) — The Ohio University Public Relations Student Society of America, in conjunction with the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, will host a dinner honoring retiring Professor Hugh M. Culbertson.

Hospital PR proves rewarding

By Tiffany Aumann

(March 19, 1994) — Public relations coordinator Susan Kings work for Rowen Memorial Hospital in North Carolina won first place in a contest held by the Carolinas Health Care, Public Relations and Marketing Society in December.

Ohio Newspaper Association Dinner

By Staff

(March 19, 1994) — School of Journalism graduates G. Kenner Bush, left, and Clarence Page, right, received Governors Awards from another Ohio University alum Ohio Governor George Voinovich at a recent Ohio Newspaper Association Dinner.

From pulpits to caskets

By Christine Penko

(March 19, 1994) — What do a funeral director, assistant pastor, and vice-president of a management company have in common?

Class Notes Winter 1994

By Staff

(March 19, 1994) — What are alumni doing now?

Life in the fast lane

By Eden C. Pacernick

(March 19, 1994) — Katie Peecook knew what she wanted.

Newspaper jobs harder to find, graduate says

By Staff

(March 19, 1994) — Brent Larkins distinguished career as a newspaper journalist in Cleveland spans 23 years.

ONeill at forefront of health-care issues

By Meghan Burns

(March 19, 1994) — With health care at the forefront today, 1987 graduate Tammy ONeill seems to be in the right place.

Book worm takes a bite of the Big Apple

By Stephanie Jirele

(March 19, 1994) — Ohio University School of Journalism graduate Dick Belsky just completed a new book, the second in a mystery series published by Berkley and Jove.

Grad raises income with own ad agency

By Kristen Ziegler

(March 19, 1994) — Ive made more money in the past three months than I did in a year-and-a-half at my last job! claims an exuberant Kathleen OBrien Quintis.

On the other side of the flash

By Elizabeth Coleman

(March 19, 1994) — Peoples careers do not necessarily end up as they anticipated.

Kinneer helps Hospice notch top rank

By Eric Lanham

(March 19, 1994) — Among approximately 2,000 hospice programs in the United States, Hospice of Dayton is ranked as one of the five best and is the largest in Ohio.

Izard named to Lucasville Riot Task Force

By Maria A. Kramer

(March 19, 1994) — An 11-day riot by prisoners at the state prison in Lucasville, Ohio, last summer resulted in criticism that state officials did not handle the dissemination of public information well.

The Ohio Journalist-Hong Kong publisher donates $1 million to journalism school

By Jennifer C. Schleman

(November 24, 1993) — Sally Aw Sian, a Hong Kong newspaper publisher, will donate $1 million to establish an endowed international journalism program at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Serial killer confesses to a recent graduate

By Julianne Fogel

(November 24, 1993) — Between 1989 and 1992, five outdoorsmen were slain while fishing or hunting in rural areas, with the exception of one man who had been slain while either walking or jogging.

Helen Thomas: Visiting Pro

By Staff

(November 24, 1993) — Helen Thomas, chief White House correspondent for United Press International, is visiting the School of Journalism four times during the 1993-94 academic year through the Scripps Howard Visiting Professionals Program.

OU students rank among the best

By Jason Butina

(November 24, 1993) — A pat on the back from a parent or instructor is nice. A report card packed with As is nicer.

Bobcat Bill Keenist becomes a Lion

By Joseph Assad

(November 24, 1993) — Sometimes things dont turn out exactly as we planthey turn out even better.

Dr. Cs latest theory: Its time to retire

By Margaret Scaggs

(November 24, 1993) — Dr. Hugh Culbertson teaches students about the social, political and economic contexts of public relations and how to effectively research a client.

Graduates abound in Ohio government

By Amy Radick

(November 24, 1993) — When Teri Geiger, Director of Communications for the Majority Caucus of the Ohio Senate, wanted to hire two new employees, she knew one thing OU journalism students get the job done.

Alum takes risk, gets rewards

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(November 24, 1993) — A combination of good timing, market downsizing, and a willingness to take a risk lead an Ohio University alumnus to trade in his national agency position for the life of an entrepreneur.

Graduate makes her mark at MARC

By Jennifer Bingler

(November 24, 1993) — Lynn Rubensons career has turned out to be a round trip.

Childhood dream becomes reality

By Christine Penko

(November 24, 1993) — Children often dream about what they want to do when they grow up.

No days the same directing news in a major market

By Carly Keeler

(November 24, 1993) — Different stories are the things that you really remember and those are the things you really get into the business for, said Richard Moore, news director of WSB-TV in Atlanta and Ohio University graduate.

Hooray Bugeja!

By George A. Rafeedie

(November 24, 1993) — As a young child, Michael Bugeja loved to write poetry.

Pirouetting to the top

By Eric J. Lanham

(November 24, 1993) — How many future public relations executives would one expect to find in Ohio Universitys School of Dance?

Newspaperman has advice for students

By Amy B. Potts

(November 24, 1993) — The most important thing a student can do is master the fundamentals of writing, John Meyer, a 1973 graduate of the School of Journalism, says.

Temporary AP job lasts 13 years

By Marla Kramer

(November 24, 1993) — For many college students and graduates, job prospects these days do not look promising.

Healing words: Health-care communication

By Cara Maruskin

(November 24, 1993) — Communications people are great generalists, said Greg W. Smith.

Graduate says Thanks to George Starr Lasher

By Monique Means

(November 24, 1993) — I am eternally grateful to a professor who went beyond the call of duty to help me, explained William R. Fleischer, an 1941 graduate of the School of Journalism.

Ailes appointed president CNBC

By Staff

(November 24, 1993) — NBC recently named Roger Ailes president of CNBC, NBCs business news and talk cable channel.

Mels idea turns out to be no joke

By Matt North

(November 24, 1993) — Get your tickets early was the buzz around campus last spring for the 10th anniversary of Mel Helitzers comedy class final.

Blending career and family: one alums success

By Stephanie Jirele

(November 24, 1993) — With the decision to transfer as a sophomore to study journalism at Ohio University, Patti Huling Rust started on the road to success.

Burton joins faculty

By Staff

(November 24, 1993) — Nancy Burton has joined the staff of Ohio University Telecommunications Center as news director for Ohio University Public Radio and Television, including WOUB, WOUC, WOUH, and WOUL.

Class Notes Fall 1993

By Sabrina Williams

(November 24, 1993) — What are alumni doing now?

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