Ohio Journalist

Ohio Journalist 1994-95

Regan Joins Medical Center

By Julianne Fogel

(June 10, 1995) — Scott Regan (BSJ 82) was named director of marketing and public relations for AMI Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham, AL this part February.

H. Donald Winkler Joins Virginia Hall of Fame

By Kori Wisniewski

(June 10, 1995) — H. Donald Winkler, associate vice president and executive director of public affairs at Longwood College, is one of five new members elected to the Virginia Communications hall of Fame.

Hes Just a Guy from Cleveland

By Julianne Fogel

(June 10, 1995) — After a two-year stint with Dorf & Stanton Communications in the Big Apple, Greg Hoeth is glad to have returned to his native Cleveland to join the public relations team at Wyse Landau as an assistant account executive.

Ideas Worth Broadcasting: Bob Stewart

By M.J. Clark

(June 10, 1995) — The journalism schools commitment to doing it right is what first attracted Bob Stewart, associate professor, to Ohio University.

Top Alums Selected

By Staff

(June 10, 1995) — Sid Davis, Elaine Ganley and Van Gordon Sauter have been selected to receive the L. J. Hortin Distinguished Alumni Award as outstanding alumni.

Communication Week picture

By Staff

(June 10, 1995) — William Sheehan, former president of ABC News, talks with Assistant Professor Eddith Dashiell during Communications Week.

Reaching Out With Public Relations

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(June 10, 1995) — After a busy day working with reporters from People magazine to the Athens Messenger, one might expect to find Gary Snyder (BSJ 86) relaxing in his Athens home.

A Twist of Fate for Nelson

By Eden Pacernick

(June 10, 1995) — Whether it was coincidence or providence that brought two recipients of Ohio University journalism Ph.D.s to Pt. Loma Nazarene College in an Diego, no one will ever know.

The Right Place, the Right Time Meeting the Pope

By Wendy Woods

(June 10, 1995) — Seeing the world, watching news as it unfolds and meeting important people are just a few of the perks in broadcast news reporting.

Schwartz Takes RTNDA One Step Further, Farther

By Gretchen Joos

(June 10, 1995) — When Deborah Schwartz (BSJ 90) served as vice-president of RTNDA at OU, she never suspected she would be sent on an all-expense paid trip to Germany by the organization six years later.

Bodell Goes the Extra Mile

By Todd Vura

(June 10, 1995) — In the cut-throat world of job competition, college graduates employ countless techniques to set themselves apart from other applicants.

Evarts Named to Journalism Institute

By Emily Caldwell

(June 10, 1995) — Professor of Journalism Dru Riley Evarts will join the first group of 23 educators to participate this summer in the 1995 Institute for Journalism Excellence sponsored by the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE).

Colbert Builds Career with Bandana Bob

By Stephanie Davis

(June 10, 1995) — Ill freelance until I find a real job, said Corinne Colbert, writer, editor and desktop publisher of her own Bandana Bob Publications.

Pease at Home on the Range in Utah

By Julianne Fogel

(June 10, 1995) — Last summer Ted Pease (Ph.D 91) left the skyscrapers of the Big Apple and his position as associate director of the Freedom Forum Media Studies Center for the red clay of Utah where he is now the head of Utah States Department of Communication.

In a Wild World of Sports

By Marcy Y. White

(June 10, 1995) — After hearing encouraging words from a friend, Perry L. Myers (BSJ 93) decided to give newswriting a try.

Board Silly

By Julianne Fogel

(June 10, 1995) — Its safe to say that Laura Gongos (BSJ 80) is never bored.

Becker Goes International

By Julianne Fogel

(June 10, 1995) — Kinight-Ridder Financial, Inc., (KRF) named Ohio University alumnus Gerald Becker (BSJ 63) vice president of global product marketing, commodities division in April.

Moran Receives Sports Award

By Julianne Fogel

(June 10, 1995) — The National Sportscasters and Sportswriters of America named Bob Moran (BSJ 74) Arizona Sportswriter of the Year.

Faculty Note 1995

By Staff

(June 10, 1995) — Avanelle L. Turnbull died April 25 in Athens.

Polo Invests His Talent in New Orleans

By Stephanie Davis

(June 10, 1995) — Picture New Orleans: the festive Mardi Gras celebration, the jazz capital or maybe coastal climates come to mind.

Selling Time for a Rock and Roll Revolution

By Angela Hazlett

(June 10, 1995) — Michael Pete Dennis (BSJ 94) works hard selling time for a revolution, but not just and revolution.

Class Notes Spring 1995

By Angela Hazlett

(June 10, 1995) — What are alumni doing now?

Moss Goes for the Gold

By Cara Maruskin

(June 10, 1995) — What does it feel like to be responsible for planning and managing all athletic competitions for the biggest sporting event in 1996?

Woods Gets Bank Shot

By Julianne Fogel

(June 10, 1995) — LaSalle National Back recently promoted Kimberly Palamar Woods (BSJ 91) to Marketing Communications Officer.

The Ohio Journalist — Annistons Foreign Correspondent

By Sharon L. Howlett

(June 10, 1995) — Imagine driving across North Africa in a beat-up Volkswagen Beetle just to get a good story.

PR Grad Building Homes in Utah

By Kristen Ziegler

(June 10, 1995) — In this fast-paced world of new technology and quick advancement, its good to see some people appreciating the basics in life.

Bruce Kotchey Named Director

By Julianne Fogel

(June 10, 1995) — Bruce A. Kotchey (BSJ 65) was recently named director for the Pinellas County Arts Councils newly established Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA) program.

And the Winner IsMark Nuke Vaughan

By Stanford Mayle

(June 10, 1995) — Mark Nuke Vaughan (BSJ 75) took his college athletics and turned them into semi-professional careers.

Miller Leads Association

By Julianne Fogel

(June 10, 1995) — If youre ever in Northeastern Indiana, dont let Jan (Kissner) Miller catch you eating a candy bar.

Head of OPEC Info

By Julianne Fogel

(June 10, 1995) — Farouk Umar Muhammed (MSJ 78) has been named head of the informations section of the OPEC News Agency and Information Department.

Health Care Headlines for Dally

By Betsy Benyo

(June 10, 1995) — The 1992 Presidential election brought health care reform to the publics attention.

Grant Combines News, Talk, Television

By Jennifer N. Coleman.

(June 10, 1995) — Traveling to various parts of the world often paves the road to success for journalists.

Jones Works His Way to the Top of News

By Elizabeth Parks

(June 10, 1995) — Marvin Jones started at The Chillicothe Gazette in 1969 as a part-time sports writer.

The Ohio Journalist - Life in the Real World

By Roberta Alexander

(March 18, 1995) — (Editors note: After reading the cheerful and upbeat profiles in The Ohio Journalist, Roberta Alexander (MSJ 75), news editor of the Contra Costa Times in Walnut Creek, CA, wrote this slice of realism.)

Scripps Ph.D. Program Ranked First

By Heidi Reddert

(March 18, 1995) — Journalism institutions every where are buzzing over a recent, unprecedented study which ranked the 33 journalism and mass communication Ph.D. programs across the United States.

Metters Wins Honorary Membership

By Carly Keeler

(March 18, 1995) — Tom Metters (BSJ 65) was elected an honorary member of the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Associations Hall of Fame in March of 1993.


By Staff

(March 18, 1995) — The amphitheater in front of Scripps Hall has been named the John R. Wilhelm Amphitheater in honor of former School of Journalism Director and College of Communication Dean John Wilhelm.

Newspaper Game Is Unpredictable

By Matt Thornicroft

(March 18, 1995) — She arrived at work just in time for her morning editors meeting to discuss the days story ideas.

Big Apple Experience Second to None

By Leigh Anne Redovian

(March 18, 1995) — Toughing it out in the big city for a few years may be the key to a successful and exciting career in public relations, OU graduate Daniel Leinweber says.

London to Kentucky, Experience Is Everything

By Melissa Inglis

(March 18, 1995) — What is Jennifer Nime (BSJ 93) doing in Hazard, KY?

Internship Becomes Dream Job for Dean Linke

By Jennifer Schleman

(March 18, 1995) — Can you imagine what it is like to do media work for an event that is three times larger than the Super Bowl?

Dashiells Mission: Teaching

By Anna Szymanski

(March 18, 1995) — An an undergraduate, Eddith Dashiell always dreamed of utilizing her journalism skills by becoming a television anchor until she realized the real action took place behind the camera, not in front.

Darby: Im Flunking Retirement

By Shelly Horn

(March 18, 1995) — Edwin Darby (BSJ 42) may be retired after 36 years with the Chicago Sun-Times but he said, At the moment, Im flunking retirement.

This is NOT My Life. Thoughts by Rachel Strate

By Julianne Fogel

(March 18, 1995) — Rachel Strate (BSJ 94) spent the months preceding her August graduation searching reference books.

Dixon Grabs Attention with Columns

By Amy Potts

(March 18, 1995) — I find it hard to write humor, so I try to piss people off, said Ken Dixon (BSJ 76).

Whisman praises Advertising Club strengths

By Julianne Riley

(March 18, 1995) — Just being from OU can open many door to the pathway of success, said Scott Whisman (BSJ 86).

Mary Abel: Making a Difference

By Jennifer Tisone

(March 18, 1995) — Ohio State Representative Mary Abels experiences as a student, teacher and full-time parent have prepared her for her work as a state legislator.

Anderson Selected to Leadership America

By Todd Vura

(March 18, 1995) — Each year 100 women are selected to participate in Leadership America.

Newspaper Journalism Survives with Small-Town Flare

By Edie Clark

(March 18, 1995) — Alumnus Kenneth Sickle (BSJ 76) says small-town newspapers represent journalism at its purest form.

CNNs TraynorModesty Is Her Policy

By Jessica Berg

(March 18, 1995) — Not too many 26 year-olds can say theyve worked overseas at two CNN bureaus.

Where the Heck Am I?

By Tracy Lassiter

(March 18, 1995) — Im working as a volunteer teacher in far northern Namibia, an African country located between South Africa and Angola.

Blumberg Finds Advertising Powers in Cincinnati

By Karen Minnich

(March 18, 1995) — Websters Dictionary defines advertising as the business or work of preparing and issuing advertisements, but as alumnus Jay Blumberg will tell you, advertising encompassed much more.

WinelandSee the Connection?

By Angela Hazlett

(March 18, 1995) — Melodie Gross Wineland (BSJ 74) began her career in newswriting.

OU Pair Invades Johnson City

By Jennifer Fairbanks

(March 18, 1995) — WJHL-TV in Johnson City, TN, has brought not just one, but two new Ohio University graduates onto their evening news teamCorinne Geller (BSJ 94) and Karen Cole (BSJ 94).

Lent Finds Comic Relief in Communications

By Elizabeth Parks

(March 18, 1995) — Its a tough and dirty job, but somebody has to watch cartoons.

Leahr Finds Niche in Business

By Wendy Woods

(March 18, 1995) — Jennifer Leahr is definitely climbing the coporate ladder.

Cassidy Takes Manhattan the Headline Screams

By Angela Shindler

(March 18, 1995) — Tracey Cassidy graduated from Ohio University in 1986 with a degree in magazine journalism and was only a few credits shy of a second degree in theatre.

Faculty & School Briefs 1995

By Gretchen Joos

(March 18, 1995) — Professor Michael Bugeja received the Ohio Poetry Day Associations poet of the year award for his recently published book titled After Oz.

Class Notes Winter 1995

By Angela Hazlett

(March 18, 1995) — What are alumni doing now?

The Ohio Journalist - Peter Kingportrait of news excellence

By Joseph Assad

(November 23, 1994) — What does a man who is senior writer for the most prestigious sports magazine in history, who can be seen in the studio at halftime during ABCs Monday Night Football, and who is considered the most predominant expert in his field want to be remembered for?

Pulitzer-prize winning columnist William Raspberry honored

By Staff

(November 23, 1994) — Pulitzer-prize winning columnist William Raspberry was honored this fall by the School of Journalism, receiving the Carr Van Anda Award.

A tale of two cities, two inns

By Karen Minnich

(November 23, 1994) — A quaint New England town and a rustic Midwestern farm hardly seem like the booming metropolises two successful journalists would call home.

Learning the ropes of the Missouri press

By Erika Untch

(November 23, 1994) — In the world of broadcast journalism it is possible to have a best and worst experience within 24 hours.

Guido Stempel: a truly distinguished professor

By Kristen Ziegler

(November 23, 1994) — Ohio University first came to know Guido H. Stempel III in 1965.

Family, faculty dedication remembers a legacy

By Christian Wilhelm

(November 23, 1994) — On June 6, 1994, (the 50th anniversary of D-Day) an Ohio legacy died.

Mike Johnson supports OU grads for employment

By Wendy Woods

(November 23, 1994) — Mike Johnson (BSJ 67) is a man who takes pride in Ohio University.

Anne Kenney finds Sweet Justice on television

By Shelly Horn

(November 23, 1994) — Millions of viewers watch television on Saturday nights.

Duncan McDonaldthe O in OU is for Oregon?

By Angela Shindler

(November 23, 1994) — Duncan McDonald (BSJ 66) adds his personal touch and vast experience to the University of Oregons School of Journalism and Communications.

State school levy work pleases OU graduate

By Paula Clark

(November 23, 1994) — The competitive fele of politics has kept Ohio University grad William OCallaghans interested in the political arena of public relations even prior to his graduation in 1967.

Grad handles prison riot PR

By M.J. Clark

(November 23, 1994) — While we all sat glued to the TV set during the Lucasville prison riot last year, John Born (BSJ 85) was right in the middle of it.

OU Ad Club seeks alumni

By Karen Vogelsang

(November 23, 1994) — An Alumni Relations executive board position has been created in Ad Club to establish better contact with alumni.

Editing in the nations capital

By Heidi Reddert

(November 23, 1994) — Is Washington, DC a more exciting place to be a reporter than, say, Athens, OH?

The skys the limit for public relations strategies

By Stephanie Davis

(November 23, 1994) — What flying objects visit the World Series, NFL games, the U.S. Tennis Open and other sporting events?

Ou grad experiences high-powered health care

By Meghan Burns

(November 23, 1994) — Most public relations practitioners only hope to work for a public relations agency like Burson-Marsteller, let alone become an executive vice president.

International opportunities

By Christina Skinnell

(November 23, 1994) — International Internships were awarded to six students from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism through the John R. Wilhelm Foreign Correspondence Program.

Faculty Notes Fall 1994

By Elizabeth Parks

(November 23, 1994) — Hugh Culbertson was awarded one of two Outstanding Tutor Awards at the Honors Tutorial College Commencement Reception in June.

Dedication in uniform

By Betsy Benyo

(November 23, 1994) — Be all you can be is the motto which directs the life of OU graduate and US Army lieutenant colonel Rick Riccardelli, for the past 23 years.

Alumni couple tackle Washington D.C. together

By Alison Shaw

(November 23, 1994) — Magazine students often gain valuable journalistic experience through their work on Southeast Ohio magazine.

Kaumeyerone happy guy brewing with ideas

By Katie Pakel

(November 23, 1994) — Jeff Kaumeyer (BSJ / 66), president of Hammond Farrell, the international business-to-business advertising, marketing and public relations agency based in New York, is in the idea business.

Grad gets his share of air time

By Annette M. Huffman

(November 23, 1994) — Dan Alphers career is flying high, literally.

Grads write book for working parents

By Anna Szymanski

(November 23, 1994) — In the 1950s, a single income was enough to sustain a family.

Charles Byers goes high-tech in public relations

By Tara Rogers

(November 23, 1994) — Misinformation was the initial spark that set off the interest of Charles Byers (BSJ 68) in public relations.

Mitovich leaves foundation at SACIA

By Gretchen Joos

(November 23, 1994) — After graduation in 1951, John Mitovich found himself with a bachelors degree and a plan to earn a masters degree in journalism when Uncle Sam tried to draft him into the Army.

Exciting sports reporting career comes to a close

By Amy Potts

(November 23, 1994) — Recently retired, Bill Smith has enjoyed the last 35 years he spent covering sports for the Charleston Daily Mail

Class Notes Fall 1994

By Angela N. Hazlett

(November 23, 1994) — What are alumni doing now?

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