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Ohio Journalist 1995-96

Journalism Grad Programs Receive High Rankings

By Heidi Reddert

(June 8, 1996) — U.S. News & World Report recently ranked the graduate program of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism in the top 10 in the county.

Alumni Honored During Communication Week

By Sharon Howlett

(June 8, 1996) — Andrew Alexander and Franklin J. Parisi are two Ohio University graduates who have excelled in their professions.

Carter and Schottelkotte Honored

By Sharon Howlett

(June 8, 1996) — The Carr Van Anda Award — given to professional who continue to make enduring contributions to journalism — was presented to John Mack Carter and Albert J. Schottelkotte during Communication Week.

Haynes Goes Online with AP

By Jamie Finley

(June 8, 1996) — Geoff Haynes stays abreast of the ever-changing technology facing the communication world.

Amy Francisco: Living in Alaska and Loving It

By Wendy Woods

(June 8, 1996) — Many people say that graduation from college is just the beginning of the journey that is the rest of your life.

Pittmans Make Dynamic Duo at Scripps

By Troy Kirkpatrick

(June 8, 1996) — "Don't forget this evening," Ron Pittman said to his wife and fellow Scripps instructor Kathy Pittman as she left his office.

Pattison Brings Award-Winning Skills To Seattle

By Jonathan Shoemaker

(June 8, 1996) — After 22 years in journalism, Neal Pattison (BSJ '74) knows that is means to be flexible.

Baker Wows the Crowd in Cyberspace

By Linda Gdovka

(June 8, 1996) — Many people dont understand computers, but theres one man who not only knows his way around a computer, but can navigate through space.

Nina Light is Back After Baby

By Elizabeth Parks

(June 8, 1996) — Nina Polien Light (BSJ '90) is back on the job as supplements editor for the Cleveland Jewish News.

Construction Completed On Sing Tao Center

By Eden Pacernick

(June 8, 1996) — Construction has been completed on Sing Tao Center, home of the Institute of International Journalism.

Edelstein On Cutting Edge with Rockhall.com

By Randie Adam

(June 8, 1996) — After 20 years in the magazine business, Jane Edelstien is now publishing in cyberspace.

Dawson Engineers A Career In Transportation

By Susan Murphy

(June 8, 1996) — Since he graduated in 1983, David Dawson (BSJ) has worked with planes and trains, but not automobiles at least not yet.

Experience Brings Geddes and Lipold Together

By Melissa Inglis

(June 8, 1996) — They lived three miles away from each other growing up, but didn't meet until college.

Children's Market Attracts Van Hook and Muldrow

By Julie Russo

(June 8, 1996) — Magazine writing is not kids' stuff.

Klein Moves Up In Political PR

By Michelle Feyh

(June 8, 1996) — Many dream of a career in politics.

Young Develops Products at Disney

By Kori Wisniewski

(June 8, 1996) — Janice L. Young only lived in Granvile, OH, a little over a year after she graduated from the School of Journalism in 1988.

Jessup Still Plugged into the Electricity

By Kaci Brown

(June 8, 1996) — Writing and the "journalism electricity" attracted terry Jessup to the field and 23 years later he is still plugged in.

Daquila Venture Turns One-Year-Old

By Gretchen M. Joos

(June 8, 1996) — Creativity and ambition run in the Daquila family.

Class Notes Spring 1996

By Angela Hazlett

(June 8, 1996) — What are alumni doing now?


By Jamie Finley

(March 16, 1996) — Listening to the radio is a fairly easy task that most people take for granted.

Indians Wahoo for Zapanta

By Kristen Ziegler

(March 16, 1996) — You don't have to be a baseball player to make it to the World Series.

Cusick Goes for the Gold Working the '96 Olympics

By Melissa Inglis

(March 16, 1996) — When Christine Cusick (BSJ '89, MSA '91) as a freshman in college she knew she wanted to work the Olympic Games.

Hamilton Travels World for Owens-Corning

By Tara Rogers

(March 16, 1996) — Bill Hamilton (BSJ '64) has given new meaning to the term "frequent flyer" during his first two years as media relations leader for Owens-Corning.

Bryan and Bunevich Joins Lord, Sullivan & Yoder

By Staff

(March 16, 1996) — Jill A. Bryan (BSJ 91) and Natalie A. Bunevich (BAJ 95) have been named account coordinator for Lord, Sullivan & Yoder Marketing Communications in Columbus, OH.

Laakaniemi reports from Estonia

By Ray Laakaniemi

(March 16, 1996) — The following is an account by Ray Laakemieni (MS '66, PhD '79) on his life in Estonia.

Raterman In Charge And on The Air

By Rachel Bartram

(March 16, 1996) — The fear of not finding a job after graduation has crossed every student's mind at one point in time.

Castrovillari Finds Balance Between Work and Family

By Jennifer Incorvaia

(March 16, 1996) — After working as a general assignment reporter for the Kentucky Post in Covington, KY, for six months, Andrea Greiner Castrovillari (BSJ '91) realized something: the job was "not conducive to a healthy marriage."

Fleischer Interns Reunite in Athens

By Staff

(March 16, 1996) — Shirley and William Fleischer (seated) were honored in Athens October 27-29 by eight former interns who benefited from an international internship program for OU graduates created by the Fleischers.

Image is Everything

By Todd Vura

(March 16, 1996) — Marlene Williamson (BSJ '77) likes a challenge and as vice president of marketing for Acer America that's exactly what she's getting.

Tebo Finds Great Opportunities in Health Care PR

By Wendy Woods

(March 16, 1996) — Michael Tebo (BSJ '92) never pictured health care public relations as life in the fast lane.

Class Notes Winter 1996

By Angela Hazlett

(March 16, 1996) — What are alumni doing now?

The Ohio Journalist - Ohio Journalist Links Onto the Web

By Lisa Lanspery

(March 16, 1996) — Now the Ohio Journalist can be read in print and on the World Wide Web.

Guido Stempel to be Honored

By Staff

(March 16, 1996) — Mary May 17 on your calendar for a trip to Athens to help the school celebrate the accomplishments of one of its most distinguished and long-serving faculty members.

Wheeler's Dream Comes True When She Joins Channel 3

By Jennifer Kirksey

(March 16, 1996) — Kim Wheeler is a 1988 graduate of Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

An Associate Director's Work is Never Done

By Jennifer N. Coleman

(March 16, 1996) — Associate Director Tom Peters regards joining the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism as the best move I ever made.

Sartorius Wins National Logo Contest

By Troy Kirkpatrick

(March 16, 1996) — Combine a creative palm tree logo and a talented OU student and you will have the winner of the 1995 Association of Educators and Mass Communication (AEJMC) National Student Design Competition.

Rafeedie Joins Agency of the Year as PR Specialist

By Staff

(March 16, 1996) — George Rafeedie (BSJ '94) recently joined Hensley Segal Rentschler as a client service executive / public relations specialist.

Bednarski Finds Home at Electronic Media

By Jonathan Shoemaker

(March 16, 1996) — From being editor of OU's daily, The Post, to be entertainment editor of the Chicago Sun-Times, P.J. Berdnarski has built an impressive resume.

Defending Tradition

By Annette Huffman

(March 16, 1996) — When Colonel Terry Leedom (BSJ 60) was in Berlin filming war footage for the U.S. Army, he never thought that years later he would be involved in a Supreme Court Case.

Campaign PR Spells Excitement

By Julie Russo

(March 16, 1996) — Right now, Amy McKinley is thinking on her feet, feet which have not had a moment's rest all day.

Calling all alumni

By Eden Pacernick

(November 22, 1995) — In response to expressions of interest from many alumni, the School of Journalism would like to create an alumni organization to increase interaction between alumni and the school.

The Ohio Journalist — Scripps Receives Full Reaccreditation

By Eden Pacernick

(November 22, 1995) — After completing a massive self-study and an on-site visit by a sex-member Accredited Journalism and Mass Communications Education (ACEJMC) team during spring quarter, the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism received a full program re-accreditation.

Sing Tao House

By Staff

(November 22, 1995) — Construction has begun on Sing Tao House which is expected to be completed by the Spring Quarter.

Schluep Brings Writing into the Classroom

By Laura Treat

(November 22, 1995) — Poetry is a difficult subject to teach anyone, especially a group of fifth graders.

Antons Stands On Top of the World

By Jamie Finley

(November 22, 1995) — Erik Antons' (BSJ '90) business trips take him to the top of the world.

Romance Means Success for Sobolak

By Jonathan Shoemaker

(November 22, 1995) — Since she was a student librarian at her elementary school, Adrienne Sobolak has enjoyed reading Romantic suspense novels.

Bean Dedicated to His Students

By Stanford Mayle

(November 22, 1995) — "The attitude here is that we care and are concerned about the students. I know I care of someone misses a class. I worry about that student. And if I ever lose that spirit it would probably be best if I retired," said Assistant Instructor of Journalism Dick Bean.

Peregrin Creates Art Worth Mailing

By Linda Gdovka

(November 22, 1995) — Debbie Mullin Peregrin (BSJ '83) is one person who knows there's more to mail order catalogs than what we see in our mailboxes.

Parisi Named Cowles Communication V.P.

By Todd Vura

(November 22, 1995) — Franklin J. Parisi (BSJ '68) has been named vice president of communications and corporate relations for Cowles Media Company.

Gillig Gears Up For The '96 Olympics

By Jennifer Stofko

(November 22, 1995) — "I've landed my dream job!" Laura Gilig says about her position as communications officer for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA).

Bailey Returns to Alma Mater

By Jill Warren

(November 22, 1995) — After graduating in 1992 with a BSJ, Dexter Bailey has returned to his alma mater as an assistant director of alumni relations.

Winderlin's Secrets To Success

By Melissa Jones

(November 22, 1995) — When Christine Winderlin (MSJ 95) wrote a book proposal for her graduate project, she never thought she would end up writing the book.

Koehler's Quest:

By William L. Wherle

(November 22, 1995) — Cincinnati Bengals fans owe advertising man Karl Koehler (BSJ '58) a debt of gratitude.

Kerr Works for Mouse - And Loves It!

By Kristen Ziegler

(November 22, 1995) — Remember the magic of Walt Disney World?

Hauger Plants His Feet in Saginaw

By Julianne Riley

(November 22, 1995) — "I think the experiences that I gained from working at The Post gave me an initial edge," said Terry Hauger (BSJ '68).

Is Horgan Sullivan Vegging Out? Hardly!

By Heidi Reddert

(November 22, 1995) — "My job is part of my lifestyle," said Karin Horgan Sullivan (BSJ '87) who is not only a vegetarian, but the senior editor of Vegetarian Times Magazine.

Bugala Creates For American Greetings

By Jennifer N. Coleman

(November 22, 1995) — Chris Bugala (BSJ 91) puts his creative juices to work as senior writer/editor in the graphic design resources department at American Greetings Corporation in Cleveland, OH.

Powers Launches Tugboat

By Jennifer Kirksey

(November 22, 1995) — "When people think of a tugboat, they visualize a small and powerful boat that blows loud horns and pushes and launches something that is significantly larger than itself- not unlike public relations and marketing support," explained Timothy Powers.

Susan Meredith Russ... Corporate Officer

By Sharon Howlett

(November 22, 1995) — In the fall of 1966, when Susan Meredith Russ was a college freshman, folk music was popular and a preppy look called 'Joe College' was the cool way to dress.

Bauman Blazes Trails in Journalism and Snow

By Julie Russo

(November 22, 1995) — Being in five plane crashes in a two-and-a-half-week period would be enough to cause most people to hand up their travel attire.

PR A Real Battlefield For Rausch

By Angela Hazlett

(November 22, 1995) — For Col. Steve Rausch (BSJ '68), one could say that public affairs, is just one battle after another, after serving in the Army for more than 25 years.

Class Notes Fall 1995

By Staff

(November 22, 1995) — What are alumni doing now?

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