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Ohio Journalist 1998-99

Ty Votaw: On an Upswing

By Gina Kirila

(June 12, 1999) — "I've never had the same day twice," said Ty Votaw (BSJ '84), the newly appointed commissioner of the Ladies Professional Golf Association.

Milburn Becomes Press Secretary for Ohio Gov. Bob Taft

By Jessica Haeck

(June 12, 1999) — Every day brings the unexpected for Scott Milburn (BSJ '91), press secretary for Ohio Governor Bob Taft.

Byron White: From Print to PR

By Cynthia Roeller

(June 12, 1999) — If asked 15 years ago where he wanted to be, Byron White (BSJ '87) would have replied, "The Chicago Tribune."

Johnson- Gets Her Feet and 'Premiere' off the Ground

By Jennifer Yakubisin

(June 12, 1999) — A few weeks after graduation, Jennifer Johnson (BSJ '96), known as JJ, packer her car and left the security of Athens for life in Los Angeles.

Myers Wins Alumna Award

By Michelle DiRienzo

(June 12, 1999) — From reporter to editor to PR director, Mary Elizabeth Lasher Myers (BSJ '42) has climbed the ladder to success.

Schmidt's and Neal's Career Paths Go Full Circle

By Kevin Schneider

(June 12, 1999) — A sports writing duo that was first formed at an independent daily newspaper in Athens is teamed up again at one of the premier metropolitan newspapers in Ohio.

School of Journalism Hosts Swingin' Celebration

By Natalie Lariccia

(June 12, 1999) — The School of Journalism has reason to celebrate and that's just what some students, faculty members and alumni did on the annual Journalism Day April 29 at the Ping Center.

Scholarship Awards

By Staff

(June 12, 1999) — Outstanding seniors.

Aikat Wins Teaching Award

By Jen Roba

(June 12, 1999) — "Learning should be fun and entertaining."

Visiting Professionals: Bringing Experience to the Classroom

By Truda Shinker

(June 12, 1999) — For the past six years, Ohio University's journalism students have had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of some of the country's top professionals through an exciting program funded by the Scripps Howard Foundation.

The Society of Alumni & Friends Spring 1999

By Ron Iori

(June 12, 1999) — The journalism school's Society of Alumni and Friends has established four committees to lead the initial development of the society's efforts in programs, careers, recruitment and communication.

Gilbert in the 'Place to Be'

By Sarah Coleman

(June 12, 1999) — A studio apartment in Manhattan just steps away from Central Park — this is Jenny Gilbert's (MSJ '94) "place to be."

Class Notes Spring 1999

By Staff

(June 12, 1999) — What are alumni doing now?

The Ohio Journalist - Gibberman Goes Worldwide on the Web

By Lisa Scott

(March 20, 1999) — Thirty- six years ago, the Mercury Space Shuttle was launched into space, and John Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth.

Curtis: Taking PR to a New Level

By Michelle DiRienzo

(March 20, 1999) — A typical work day for most people would not include clear waters, white sands and beautiful mansion, but for Jocelyn Curtis (BSJ '91), mixing business with pleasure is part of her job as Starlite Cruises' director of sales.

Wonder Williams

By Gina Kirila

(March 20, 1999) — Katherine (Wahrer) Williams (BSJ '73) has spread her journalistic knowledge from Sarasota to San Francisco and is now working toward making the world a better place.


By Staff

(March 20, 1999) — Skip Peterson was part of a team of six to produce a Pulitzer Prize-winning story.

Caution - Hard Hat Journalism

By Corinne Cox

(March 20, 1999) — Job Description: Operating heavy machinery, including bulldozers, front loaders and backhoes.

Black: From Classroom to Headlines

By Michelle DiRienzo

(March 20, 1999) — Jay Black (MSJ '66) remains on the cutting edge of journalism education by committing himself to his students and influencing the minds of professionals.

Chimera Combines Passion with Profession

By Natalie Lariccia

(March 20, 1999) — Paul Chimeraa (BSJ 71) fascination with surreal artist Salvador Dali began when he was a high school student in Buffalo, N.Y.

Berger Trades Pencil for Perspective

By Laura Calliari

(March 20, 1999) — As Kevin Berger (BSJ '89) reflect on his career, one thing is missing — regret.

Fruits of Labor Satisfy Evans at Ford Motor Company

By Trisha Barton

(March 20, 1999) — Have you always dreamed of working in the automotive field?

Kilbane Goes from Chimney Sweeper to Vice President

By Jen Roba

(March 20, 1999) — "Made you look."

Buell Returns to OU for Work and Play

By Lindsay A. Batalo

(March 20, 1999) — One of the best aspect sof Michael Buell's (BSJ '89) position with Brandstetter Carrol, Inc., is the opportunity he gets to return frequently to Athens.

Hoffman and DeVivo Write into the Winners' Circle

By Sarah Coleman

(March 20, 1999) — Dean Hoffman (BSJ '71) and Joe DeVivo (BSJ '74) deal with fast boys and smooth girls every day of their lives.

Jezierny: Soaking Up Rays in El Paso

By Erin Krawsczyn

(March 20, 1999) — If Nick Jezierny (BSJ '90) were to send you a postcard, it might read, "The weather is beautiful."

Maio Appointed Bureau Chief of the Dow Jones Newswire in L.A.

By Jessica Haeck

(March 20, 1999) — "Something very immediate and fresh," is the kind of story Patrick Maio (MSJ '82) looks for as he begins his day as bureau chief of the Dow Jones Newswire in Los Angeles.

University, Community Benefit from New Research Center

By Truda Shinker

(March 20, 1999) — Ohio University opened an exciting new facility this fall, the Scripps Survey Research Center.

Alumni get into the Swing of Journalism Day

By Staff

(March 20, 1999) — Communication Week is fast approaching, and Journalism Day promises to be different and exciting this year the 75th anniversary of OU's journalism program.

PRSSA Achieves Success in Boston

By Staff

(March 20, 1999) — Year after year, excellence is associated with the Hugh M. Culbertson Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America, and 1998 was no exception.

Guylon's Life Painted by Versatility

By Kevin Schneider

(March 20, 1999) — Although she learned many valuable journalism skills at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, confidence was the most crucial asset that Lisa (Northcutt) Guyton (BSJ '80) said that she gained from attending OU.

Dr. James E. Alsbrook Dies at 85

By Staff

(March 20, 1999) — On January 9, the English language lost one of its strongest defenders, Professor Emeritus James E. Alsbrook to cancer.

Class Notes Winter 1999

By Carie Reeves

(March 20, 1999) — What are alumni doing now?

The Ohio Journalist - Peterson Wins Pulitzer

By Jennifer Gold

(November 25, 1998) — Skip Peterson (BSJ '73) gets up from his lounge chair on the beach and walks toward his hotel in Siesta Key, FL.

Three Strikes, You're IN

By Kevin Schneider

(November 25, 1998) — When his career as a professional journalist began, Jeff Fletcher (BSJ '92) certainly did not expect to be interviewing baseball superstars such as Barry Bonds anytime in the near future.

Stories, Awards, & Parking in Boston

By Becky Ondrus

(November 25, 1998) — Mishaps, monkeys and murder are just a few subjects news reporter J.M. Lawrence (HTC news writing and editing 88) has covered.

Schrom Goes Behind The Scenes of War

By Michelle DiRienzo

(November 25, 1998) — David Schrom (BSJ '94) never imagined himself sitting in a pit in Bosnia giving legal advice to a base camp commander.

Cohn Celebrates 35 Years of Softball and Hard Questions

By Julie Russo

(November 25, 1998) — Al Cohn (BSJ 60) asks the hard questions.

Huba: Reviving Religious Reporting

By Gina Kirila

(November 25, 1998) — Stephen Huba (BSJ '87) didn't always know his career would focus on religion.

McCann'ed Ham: Andy McCann Improvises Himself into Success

By Matt Holsinger

(November 25, 1998) — Phil Hartman did it.

Keeping up with the Joneses, How to Handle Language Barriers... over Dinner

By Lindsay A. Batalo

(November 25, 1998) — When unexpected challenges arose, Melissa Jones (BSJ '96) experienced language barriers first-hand.

WaLk AbOuT

By Erica Gochoel

(November 25, 1998) — Diana Nelson Jones (BSJ '79) spends her days doing what she loves best exploring.

Fanselow Finds Success on the Trail Less Traveled

By Lisa Scott

(November 25, 1998) — Imagine waking up in the morning and, instead of entering the confines of a stifling work office and staring at a computer screen for hours at a time, you hop in your truck and head off along scenic mountain roads to raft the Rio Grande or to trace the Lewis and Clark trail.

Zang Makes Teen Voices Heard

By Truda Shinker

(November 25, 1998) — How many news reporters can describe their work as "funky" and "bordering on the bizarre?"

Rosenberg's Adrenaline Runs High at the Akron Beacon-Journal

By Carisa Reeves

(November 25, 1998) — The daily deadlines, the fast pace and the excitement keep Arnie Rosenberg (BSJ '72) involved in newspaper editing and reporting.

New Society Aims to Connect Alums, Students

By Staff

(November 25, 1998) — The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism now has its first formal alumni organization the Society of Alumni and Friends.

Mason Finds Career Luck on Las Vegas Vacation

By Natalie Lariccia

(November 25, 1998) — The closest most rap music fans come to encountering their favorite artists is by watching MTV videos or buying albums, but for Dana Mason (BSJ '93), working with such rap artists as Ice Cube and Master P is just part of her daily work routine.

Marty Kufus: Reporter, Firefighter, Survival Guide

By Corinne Cox

(November 25, 1998) — A flame burns under Marty Kufus, and his fire hose doesnt extinguish it.

Bunevich on the Rise at Lord, Sullivan & Yoder

By Erin Krawsczyn

(November 25, 1998) — When Natalie Bunevich (BSJ '95) graduated with a concentration in advertising management, she already knew where she was going, to Columbus, OH.

Class Notes Fall 1998

By Carie Reeves

(November 25, 1998) — What are alumni doing now?

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