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Ohio Journalist 1999-2000

Ford Focuses on PR

By Jessica Haeck

(June 8, 2000) — Michelle Ford (BSJ '97) enjoys public relations because there is never a typical day at the office.

Life in the World of TV

By Danielle Ford

(June 8, 2000) — Many people often turn on their television sets to catch the news in the morning or around dinnertime.

Creativity is the Key to Success

By Jessica Haeck

(June 8, 2000) — As president of Kuby & Associates Inc., an international public relations, management training and development organization located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Tom Kuby (BSJ '55) says creativity is the reason for his success.

E.W. Scripps School of Journalism Hosts 76th Annual Journalism Day

By Jen Roba

(June 8, 2000) — May 4 marked the annual Journalism Day at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Kirschman Represents Courageous Clients

By Kevin A. Schneider

(June 8, 2000) — Whether persuading juries in a courtroom or readers through theater and book reviews, Scott Kirschman (BSJ '85) strives to make an impact in others' lives.

Micklos Lives His Passion

By Nikki Klemmer

(June 8, 2000) — Finding jobs that are well-suited to their temperaments, talents and passions is a daunting task for most college graduates.

Panel Discussion Highlights Journalism Day

By Staff

(June 8, 2000) — Press coverage of crisis situations, including the bombings of the federal building in Oklahoma City, the school shootings in Columbine, Colo., and Paducah, Ky., and other disasters, was the highlight of a busy Journalism Day on May 4.

Outstanding Graduating Students Named

By Staff

(June 8, 2000) — Ryan Alessi, the past year's editor of 'The Post,' was named most outstanding graduating senior for the 1999-2000 school year; it was the final award given on the annual Journalism Day.

Popping the Cork on Keiffer

By Kate Winther

(June 8, 2000) — As the senior citizens gather at the winery, the group leader asks them to complete the final step before they can taste the wine- they must show him a form of ID.

Scripps Professor Gains National Recognition

By Sara Zanjani

(June 8, 2000) — Dr. Patrick Washburn's book, 'A Question of Sedition: The Federal Government's Investigation of the Black Press During World War II,' was listed in the winter 1999 edition of 'Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly' as one of the 35 significant journalism and communication books published in the 20th century.

Sturm Finds Path at Consumer Magazine

By Molly Harrington

(June 8, 2000) — In the three years since graduation, Ellen Sturm (BSJ '97) has worked her way up to exactly where she has always wanted to be.

The Ohio Journalist - The Prices Write

By Kristin Woeste

(June 8, 2000) — For two Ohio University grads, the phrase, "I'm going to the office" has an unexpected meaning.

The Society of Alumni & Friends Spring 2000

By Wendy (Woods) Mathews

(June 8, 2000) — As the school year winds down, the communication committee of the E.W. Scripps Society of Alumni and Friends continues to pick up steam.

Traveling Thompson Explores off the Beaten Path

By Jennifer Yakubisin

(June 8, 2000) — According to Cheryl Thompson (BSJ '75), her life has been a wonderful adventure.

Two Alumni Speak on Political Communication

By Staff

(June 8, 2000) — Maggie Mitchell (BSJ '98) joined Ryan Lippe (BSC '95) on Political Communication Day May 12 to do an afternoon panel on "Clean Tricks and Dirty Tricks: the Ethics of Political Campaigns."

The Ohio Journalist - The New Face at Scripps

By Jen Roba

(March 17, 2000) — The new millennium will find Dr. Michael Real traveling more than 2,000 miles to become the new director of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Scripps Howard Provides Students with Opportunities to Cover D.C. Politics

By Joe Vargo

(March 17, 2000) — Ohio University's best and brightest news writing students have the opportunity to learn the "ins and outs" of the political beat at the Scripps Howard Foundation's Semester in Washington program.

Coming Full Circle

By Stacy Apar

(March 17, 2000) — "Today I am the creative writer I longed to be 40 years ago," said Saul Bennett (BSJ '57).

Capozzi Steps Up to the Plate with some Big names

By Kevin Schneider

(March 17, 2000) — Less than two months after a small-town government reporter yawned through a debate about sewage and water issues, he was wiping champagne from his brow during the locker-room celebration of a newly crowned World.

Bobcat Haven

By Jessica Haeck

(March 17, 2000) — Imagine a place where you could reminisce about your days at Ohio University with your co-workers.

Scripps' New Addition

By Kelly McNab

(March 17, 2000) — "In 20 years, there is no job in broadcast I haven't done," said Mary Rogus, assistant professor at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Mountz and Whelan: In the Fast Lane

By Jessica Moskwa

(March 17, 2000) — Randy Mountz (BSJ '80) and Jim Whelan (BSJ '88) are on the cutting edge and loving it.

Klein: For the Love of the Job

By Sarah Coleman

(March 17, 2000) — Robbery was far from Nancy Klein's (BSJ '85) mind in April 1997.

Puderbaugh Travels to Great Lengths

By Nikki Klemmer

(March 17, 2000) — After graduation, most students settle into entry-level jobs, saving their hard-earned money and dreaming of the day they can travel to California, the tropics or even Europe.

"To the Contrary"

By Caroyln Wood

(March 17, 2000) — Sean McLaughlin (BSJ '97) has worked at "To the Contrary" for one year and already has assumed the role of associate producer.

Educator, Television Producer Named Outstanding Alumni

By Staff

(March 17, 2000) — Duncan McDonald (BSJ 66) and William F. Gentile (MS 82) have been named outstanding alumni of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and will receive the L.J. Hortin Award on Journalism Day, May 4.

Bobcats Who sticktogether

By Corinne Cox

(March 17, 2000) — Two former Ohio University students have gone from college friends to co-workers at one of the leading marketing, communication and public relations firms in the Midwest.

Bugala: Fighting for the Underdog

By Michelle DiRienzo

(March 17, 2000) — Paul Bugala (BSJ 98) spends most days selling companies dreams.

The Society of Alumni & Friends Winter 2000

By Wendy (Woods) Mathews

(March 17, 2000) — The E.W. Scripps Society of Alumni and Friends continues to develop new avenues for alumni to stay in better contact with Ohio University.

Class Notes Winter 2000

By Staff

(March 17, 2000) — What are alumni doing now?

The Ohio Journalist - Angilella Takes a Stab at Public Relations

By Jen Roba

(November 23, 1999) — When Newsweek broke the Monica Lewinski scandal, Jan Angilella (BSJ 86) was where she wanted to be- in the center of the media frenzy.

Visiting Professionals

By Kelly McNab

(November 23, 1999) — "One of the things that I love about my job is that there is no typical day," said Kevin Noblet, deputy international editor for the Associated Press.

Fitzgerald Achieves Big Success

By Leigh Blakemore

(November 23, 1999) — "I've always wanted to be a writer," said Melissa (White) Fitzgerald (BSJ '95), an account executive for Stern Public Relations in Cleveland.

Lazear Leaps to Reporting Prominence

By Kevin Schneider

(November 23, 1999) — Two years after graduation, broadcast news reporter Anne Lazear (BSJ '98) is chasing down hurricanes for WSAV-TV, an NBC affiliate in Savannah, Ga.

DalPonte Finds Her Place on Camera

By Jessica Haeck

(November 23, 1999) — It's 4:30 a.m., and Beth DalPonte's (BSJ '97) clock alarms.

Belsky: From News to Novels

By Cori McKeever

(November 23, 1999) — "I've always been interested in writing novels, but when I first started to do it, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be," said Richard Belsky(BSJ '67).

Rovito's Dream Job

By Corinne Cox

(November 23, 1999) — Most people do not expect to get their dream job after being out of school for only three years.

Russ Moves Into Counselor's Role

By Jessica Haeck

(November 23, 1999) — For Susan Meredith Russ (BSJ '70), owner and president of Russ Resources Inc., there is no typical day.

Kreuz Pioneers the Religion Beat

By Joe Vargo

(November 23, 1999) — From her earliest recollections, Greta Kreuz (BSJ 79) wanted to be a writer.


By Sarah Coleman

(November 23, 1999) — Who is the graphics art director for Scrambl-Gram Incorporated?

Railroading Through Life

By Brooke Johnston

(November 23, 1999) — "Since 1983 my life has been railroad-and history-oriented," says Milton E. Lyon (BSJ '52).

Barry Pursues Another Career Path

By Stacy Apar

(November 23, 1999) — Graduating from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism does not always lead to a career in journalism.

Scripps Open Its Doors to New Journalism Students

By Jennifer Yakubisin

(November 23, 1999) — This fall the School of Journalism opened its welcoming doors a little wider, with a Sept. 16 open hours especially for new students and transfer students.

The Society of Alumni & Friends Fall 1999

By Wendy (Woods) Mathews

(November 23, 1999) — Students and alumni will soon be able to interact with one another through The Network, an interactive system currently being designed by the School of Journalism's Society of Alumni & Friends.

Class Notes Fall 1999

By Staff

(November 23, 1999) — What are alumni doing now?

Hortin Award Nominations Welcome

By Staff

(November 23, 1999) — Do you know a journalism graduate whom you would like to nominate for the L.J. Hortin Distinguished Alumnus (or Alumna) Award?

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