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Ohio Journalist 2000-01

The Ohio Journalist - DAVIS - Sitting at the Ringside of History

By Dru Riley Evarts

(March 16, 2001) — Sid Davis (BSJ '52) has enjoyed a ringside seat at every major news event in the nation's capital for the past 40 tears.

Teamwork at Its Finest

By Jade Hoffman

(March 16, 2001) — Melissa Zapanta (BSJ '90) has been with the Cleveland Indians through two World Series, the move to Jacob's field, and most recently, the ownership change.

Martin Follows Her Heart to Arkansas

By Sarah Bearce

(March 16, 2001) — If you're looking for Gina (Wheeler) Martin (BSJ '94), you might want to try scouring the entire state of Arkansas first!

Neuhaus Knows Entertainment News

By Kate Winther

(March 16, 2001) — When actress Julia Roberts ended her engagement to Kiefer Sutherland in 1991, she agreed to talk to only one journalist — Cable Neuhaus (BSJ '69), the Entertainment Weekly Los Angeles bureau chief at the time.

Catching the Olympic Spirit

By Maura Dunn

(March 16, 2001) — When most people think of sports, they think of the Olympics as being the zenith of international competition.

The Journalism Path Less Traveled

By Maura Dunn

(March 16, 2001) — After graduation, Dawn Preisendorf (BSJ '93) could not have imagined that she would become a player in the rapidly growing field of multimedia communication services.

Swain Races Through the Web

By Sarah Coleman

(March 16, 2001) — Karrie Swain (BSJ '99) was raised on a dairy farm in Gallispolis, Ohio, but never expected to work with four-legged animals for part of her career.

Busch-Cooper: The story Behind the Pseudonym

By Seth Bordner

(March 16, 2001) — His college friends may remember him as James J. Busch (BSJ '80), but his readers know him as Wolfgang Cooper, a pseudonym as intriguing as his novels.

Boughamer Finds Success

By Joy Benson

(March 16, 2001) — Just two years into his career, Damon Boughamer (BSJ '99) has covered a lot of ground, from reporter and anchor, to news director and Associated Press award winner.

Four to be Honored on Journalism Day May 1

By Staff

(March 16, 2001) — Christiane Amanpour, international correspondent for CNN, and Don Hewitt, founder and still producer of CBS's 60 minutes, will receive the Carr Van Anda Award when they visit Athens for Communication Week and Journalism Day.

Four Alums Weave Success at Basket Empire

By Alissa Kiktavy

(March 16, 2001) — You might say perserverance is the handiwork and hallmark of Ohio University alumni Gwynn (Lumbatis) Clifford (BSJ '91), Amy (Potts) Meadows (BSJ '95), Kara (Steiniger) Coates (BSC '91) and Dan Slentz (BSC '97).

Debatin Adds New Meaning to 'Normal'

By Emily Mueller

(March 16, 2001) — An average day for Dr. Bernhard Debatin begins with the normal routine &mdash shower, breakfast and caring for his 14-month old son, Sam.

The Society of Alumni & Friends Winter 2001

By Becky Ondrus

(March 16, 2001) — The Scripps Society of Alumni & Friends (SAF) is currently working to build an alumni database that will link students with promising job markets in major U.S. metropolitan areas.

Class Notes Winter 2001

By Staff

(March 16, 2001) — What are alumni doing now?

The Ohio Journalist - Paugh Leads the Way in Business Communication

By Alissa Kiktavy

(November 21, 2000) — Kathryn R. Paugh (MSJ '77), owner of KRP Communications in Worthington, Ohio, is leading the way in business communication, as evidenced by recent honors for her professional excellence and community leadership.

Scripps Graduate in the Big Leagues

By Sara Zanjani

(November 21, 2000) — Katie Kirby (BSJ '96) has made it big... to the big leagues, that is.

Juggling Act

By Sara Newcomer

(November 21, 2000) — Following dairy cows on the Hawaiian Islands.

Flanagan Finds Joy in Find Arts PR

By Kelley Weeks

(November 21, 2000) — After spending a few years as a restaurant and bar manager for Marriott Hotels, Lisa R. Flanagan (BSJ '95) has returned to the public relations field.

Jones is "Geek to Sheik" Guru

By Sarah Coleman

(November 21, 2000) — Jen Jones' (BSJ '98) name mirrors her job as the Web site editor and designer for the Jenny Jones Show out of Chicago.

A Diamond for Dixon

By Jessica Moskwa

(November 21, 2000) — Looking out from her office window onto Cinergy Field's first-base line, Emily Dixon (BSJ '98) feels the energy of her business.

Montague-Bruno: Making a Difference

By Michael Bertner

(November 21, 2000) — "I've worked on everything from the war in Bosnia to wind energy in Bakersfield," said Michelle Montague-Bruno (BSJ '92).

Lewis Fights for Women in the Military

By Kate Winther

(November 21, 2000) — Although she did not go overseas during the Gulf War, Vickie Lewis (MSJ '97) captured on film many of the soldiers' homecomings- including those of several women who had served.

Hosty Leaps into Political Career

By Laurie Duffy

(November 21, 2000) — After graduation, Katie Hosty (BSJ '93) had no idea that politics and the 2000 presidential convention would be such an integral part of her career.

Young Alums Get a Taste of Politics

By Staff

(November 21, 2000) — Both Jessica Wehrman (BSJ '99) and Ryan Alessi (BSJ '00) had worked at Scripps Howard News Service in Washington, D.C., as students — Wehrman as an intern and Alessi as a participant in Scripps Howard Foundation's Washington Semester.

Students are the "Hart" of New Professor's Agenda

By Aaron Brown

(November 21, 2000) — Students taking, "Media Relations and Publicity" (J370) and "Public Relations Principles" (J471) are now listed in a client roster that includes the likes of Procter & Gamble, IBM, the American Diabetes Association, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Kirschner Serves His Role as TV's

By Danielle Ford

(November 21, 2000) — Dick Kirschner (BSJ '60) knows what it's like to work his way to the top.

Olympics Take Wassam Down Under

By Jennifer Yakubisin

(November 21, 2000) — Not many OU alumni make it to the Olympics.

The Society of Alumni & Friends Fall 2000

By Becky Ondrus

(November 21, 2000) — The Scripps Society of Alumni & Friends recently launched an expanded effort to identify job leads for graduating seniors, as well as internship opportunities for underclassman.

Class Notes Fall 2000

By Staff

(November 21, 2000) — What are alumni doing now?

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