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Ohio Journalist 2003-04

Program brings journalists from Florida to Athens

By Brittany Yingling

(June 9, 2004) — The Tallahassee Democrat is the latest 'Newspaper in Residence' at the journalism school

OU student new bureau covers state newspaper convention

By Lindsey Lelak

(June 9, 2004) — Students experience the fast-paced world of print journalism

Other DC opportunities for OU students

By Maggie Brown

(June 9, 2004) — While Washington D.C is a popular destination for students seeking internships, many undergraduates may be even more intrigued by the possibility of advancing their academic studies and gaining work experience simultaneously.

Seniors discover value of unpaid internships

By Adrienne Gavula

(June 9, 2004) — Scripps Howard Foundation grant allows Scripps seniors to accept challenging opportunities

Seniors take their first step toward employment

By Tim Pappa
Photos by Tyler Barrick

(June 9, 2004) — Scripps alumni stress importance of professionalism, humility during Senior Saturday

Professor excels as editor of top research journal

By Jennifer Davis

(June 9, 2004) — Dr. Dan Riffe brings his expertise to Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

Faculty search ensures quality at Scripps

By Sarah McCoy

(June 9, 2004) — Hiring process takes candidates through several steps

Public relations meet the judicial system

By Lee Freedman

(June 9, 2004) — Director is also consultant for judges in high-profile cases

Award-winning touch

By Andrew Davis

(June 9, 2004) — Mary Rogus named 2003 Coltrin Professor of the Year

Alumnus helps The Blade win Pulitzer Prize

By Clayton Purdom

(June 9, 2004) — Only 10 years out of the gate, Joseph Mahr, staff writer at The Blade of Toledo, has already claimed a Pulitzer Prize for his contribution to the Blade's award-winning series, "Buried Secrets, Brutal Truths," an expose that uncovers atrocities committed by an elite platoon, dubbed Tiger Force, during the Vietnam war.

OU graduate finds miracles every day

By Katie Riedel

(June 9, 2004) — Bender appointed president and CEO of Kansas chapter of the Arthritis Foundation

Assistant professor leaves OU to rejoin the AP

By Ashley Couch

(June 9, 2004) — Daniel adjusts to new job and new home with the AP in Washington, D.C.

Alumnus makes significant donation to Scripps

By Rebecca Trela

(June 9, 2004) — Donation makes OU only university in the world to have unique advertising materials

Been there, done that? Then give a little back!

By Angela Hazlett

(June 9, 2004) — In this edition of the Ohio Journalist, you have read about the most recent program established and coordinated by the Society of the Alumni & Friends (SAF) — our Senior Saturday 2004.

Class Notes June 2004

By Staff

(June 9, 2004) — What are alumni doing now?

Appreciating the practical

By Paul Chimera

(June 9, 2004) — How I wish I knew then what I know now. Ah, dont we all!

Professionals gather in Athens for Journalism Day

By Ivan Sheehan
Photos by Tyler Barrick

(June 9, 2004) — Industry trends and ethics dominate the discussions during Journalism Day 2004

Connecting academics with industry

By Jessica Moorman

(June 9, 2004) — Scripps advisory board keeps journalism school on track with input from professional world

High school students take over Scripps

By Ashley Couch

(June 9, 2004) — Summer workshop gives teenagers a taste of hands-on journalism

Discussion 2004

By Staff

(June 9, 2004) — A collection of short letters to be published in 'The Ohio Journalist.'

Farfels' generosity encourages watchdog journalists

By Anita Martin

(June 9, 2004) — Scripps announces one of the largest national prizes for investigative journalists.

The Ohio Journalist - How do we stack up?

By Lindsay Crawford, Jessica Moorman
Photos by Tyler Barrick

(June 9, 2004) — While unofficial rankings capture the headlines, OU's J-school focuses more on accreditation as the standard for comparison.

Comparing quality is no easy task

By Thomas Hodson

(June 9, 2004) — Excellence is something for which people and institutions strive, and it's a tenet that is espoused in every organization's mission statement.

Discussion 2004

By Staff

(June 9, 2004) — A correction about the last recipient of BA degree

The Ohio Journalist Cover - Around the campus in 80 years

By Lindsey Lelak

(November 25, 2003) — The Journalism School has called many buildings home over the past eight decades.

New director: Change has already begun

By Thomas Hodson

(November 25, 2003) — Institutional change can sometimes make people uneasy.

New to OU

Photos By Tyler Barrick

(November 25, 2003) — Faculty and staff welcome freshmen to Scripps Hall

Change at the helm

By Brittany Yingling

(November 25, 2003) — Leadership of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism is in new hands.

They've got our backs

By Sarah Welch

(November 25, 2003) — The Scripps support staff helps faculty, students and one another

Surveying success

By Adrienne Gavula

(November 25, 2003) — Scripps Research Center takes the pulse of the nation

Journalism Day 2003

By Staff

(November 25, 2003) — Journalism Day has been a much-celebrated tradition for the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, providing students with a first-person glance into the intricacies, challenges and triumphs of the field of journalism.

Washington Monthly founder receives Carr Van Anda Award

By Lindsay Crawford

(November 25, 2003) — Dozens of journalism professors and students watched as Washington Monthly founder Charles Peters received the 2003 Carr Van Anda Award on May 1.

Applying Ethics Online

By Shannon Stucky

(November 25, 2003) — To recognize the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism's new online sequence, journalists from around the world converged in Anderson Auditorium on Journalism Day to discuss "Online Journalism in Times of Global Conflict: Practical Experiences and Ethical Challenges."

Technology challenges nation's newsrooms

By Tim Pappa

(November 25, 2003) — A momentary computer glitch interrupted Newsday reporter Dan Fagin's presentation on the benefits of evolving technology in the newsroom.

Entertainment journalist warns: Don't be blinded by stars

By Brittany Yingling

(November 25, 2003) — The animated voice of former Folio editor Cable Neuhaus filled Galbreath Chapel during the "Covering Celebrities and Entertainment News" session.

Pros disscuss challenging plays in the game of sports journalism

By Lindsey Lelak

(November 25, 2003) — More than 50 OU students attended the Journalism Day panel discussion, "So you want to be a Sports Guy/Gal?" in Baker Center Ballroom.

The battle for truth: Journalists vs. the military

By Sharon Metzung

(November 25, 2003) — During times of war, the media and the military must interact and keep the public informed, even when conflicts and differences of opinion arise.

'The good, the bad and the ugly' of advertising, PR

By Katy Ganz

(November 25, 2003) — The love-hate relationship between advertising and public relations was the focus of the "Advertising and Public Relations Consolidation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" session, which was moderated by Scripps Associate Professor Jan Slater.

Economic slump impacts advertising

By Katy Ganz

(November 25, 2003) — As the New York Time's advertising columnist, a position he's held since 1991, Stuart Elliot analyzes trends and developments in advertising.

The first one online

By Sarah Welch

(November 25, 2003) — Online Journalism Sequence signs first major

Crossing the divide

By Brittany Yingling

(November 25, 2003) — Partnership with WVUIT leads to production of newspaper

Magazine coach

By Lindsay Crawford

(November 25, 2003) — Visiting pro offers insider view of magazine industry

Three JLID fellows connected to Scripps

By Lindsey Lelak

(November 25, 2003) — The E.W. Scripps School of Journalisms reputation was further enhanced by the recent selection of eight fellows for the 2003-2004 Journalism and Mass Communication Leadership Institute for Diversity fellowship.

Creative professor wins award

By Jessica Moorman

(November 25, 2003) — Debashis 'Deb' Aikat may share little in common with Albert Einstein, but each day Aikat remembers Einstein as he teaches his students.

PR across the globe

By Katy Ganz

(November 25, 2003) — Zyngas' love of culture, students fulfilled in Rome

Scripps Alumnus winner of Young Leaders Scholarship

By Lindsay Crawford

(November 25, 2003) — The American Society of Business Publication Editors recently named Darin Painter, managing editor of Print Solutions magazine, as one of the five winners of the Young Leaders Scholarship, which is open to editors 30 and younger.

Alumnus inducted into Hall of Fame

By Jessica Moorman

(November 25, 2003) — After more than 40 years in communications, Charles E. Glover was inducted into the 2003 Ohio Communication Hall of Fame.

Chief Executive of API retires after 16 years

By Sarah Welch

(November 25, 2003) — William Winter retired as the American Press Institute's chief executive on Oct. 1., after holding the position for 16 years.

Past and present officers work to boost alumni-school programs

By Staff

(November 25, 2003) — Senior Saturday Key Contact Guide Speakers Bureau.

Class Notes Fall 2003

By Staff

(November 25, 2003) — What are alumni doing now?

OU graduate thankful for extra push

By Alvin Adams

(November 25, 2003) — Two events define my journalism-school experience; the one occurring even before I enrolled, the other, as I finished.

Students create undergraduate edition of Perspectives Magazine

By Jessica Moskwa

(November 25, 1993) — Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

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