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Ohio Journalist 2005-06

The Ohio Journalist — The Age of Ethics

By Jennifer McGee, Mary Romanoski, and Eric Rosecrants

(August 25, 2006) — After a rash of scandals in the news business, the Scripps School is putting more effort than ever into teaching, researching, and improving media ethics.

Ethics is a core mission of this school

By Thomas Hodson

(August 25, 2006) — The underpinning of good journalism is a strong, ethical foundation.

Word + play

Photos by Nicole Cvetnic

(August 25, 2006) — About 100 students in teams of five turned out May 11 for the third annual "Grammar Smackdown!" competition in Scripps Hall.

'We need to redefine fairness'

By Katie Krancevic, Rachel Bernhard

(August 25, 2006) — Carr Van Anda Award recipient Jerry Cepos challenges students

Scripps to help local 'citizen journalists'

By Katie Krancevic

(August 25, 2006) — 'New Voices' grant will launch local newsletter in rural SE Ohio

College of Communication get $15M - and new name

By Maggie Bushek

(August 25, 2006) — In gratitude for the programs-only award, the college is renamed Scripps College of Communication

College contemplates new, all-inclusive building plan

By Nicole Cvetnic

(August 25, 2006) — After receiving more than $20 million from Ohio University's state-funded capital plan, the Scripps College of Communication is developing a plan for a new building.

Accreditation process is hard work-and worth it

By Rachel Bernhard

(August 25, 2006) — There are plenty of reasons why perspective students are attracted to Ohio University

Students join Ambassador Program, showcase Scripps

By Katie Krancevic

(August 25, 2006) — The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism is known for its talented students.

Behind every great school? An award-winning staff

By John Nank

(August 25, 2006) — While much has been made of recent praise for the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, three unsung heroes are as responsible as anyone for the school's success, and have received recognition of their own.

Bloomberg terminal opens doors for students as Scripps

By Bennett Aikin

(August 25, 2006) — Whether by being chosen as an intern in one of Bloomberg's 127 world-wide media bureaus or by signing up for one of the quarterly training sessions on the Bloomberg terminal in Lasher Learning Center, the partnership between the Scripps School and Bloomberg presents a great opportunity for Ohio University journalism students to receive the practical experience that increases employability.

A battle worth fighting

By Angie Dzalamanow

(August 25, 2006) — SPJ chapter finds frustration in public-records audits of 15 public Ohio colleges and universities

The 'Scripps clique' brings family reunions to OU

By Angie Dzalamanow

(August 25, 2006) — The E.W. Scripps School of Journalism building often becomes a home away from home for students, such that familiar faces in the Scripps hallways might even seem like family.

Blogs offer Scripps students forums for opinions and news

By Jeff W. Reed

(August 25, 2006) — Some Scripps students have found a new way to report news and express their opinions.

Students make their own 'fashion' on the web

By Jessica Forrester

(August 25, 2006) — Founded by a Scripps sophomore, POISE Fashin gives students of various majors hands-on experience in their dream careers

Hot job market gives some grads some cool opportunities

By Stacy Glasgow, Laurie Banyay

(August 25, 2006) — For three-fourths of students in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, spring quarter is a time to relax on the greens in anticipation of the upcoming three-month homework hiatus.

Students Intern for Justice, TV Host, and 'Doughboy'

By Stacy Glasgow

(August 25, 2006) — One of the many requirements placed upon students in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism is that they must complete an internship or practicum before graduation.

A last-minute cancellation at semester-in-Washington program takes Scrippster... down to the WIRE

By Patrick Bourland

(August 25, 2006) — On the first Monday of fall quarter, someone dropped out.

Bishop polishes council's approach to issue management

By Brittany Yurick

(August 25, 2006) — PR professional brings communication experience to Athens City Council

Evarts promoted to new University Editor position

By Leslie Heck

(August 25, 2006) — You can take Prof. Dru Riley Evarts out of Scripps Hall, but you can't take her out of the word game.

Professors go abroad, gain international perspective

By Josh Blair

(August 25, 2006) — Learning about foreign countries and different cultures is an important aspect in understanding how the world communicates, and four Scripps professors recently traveled abroad to take an in-depth look at this global process.

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist teaches by example

By Josh Blair

(August 25, 2006) — Leonard Pitts' year at Scripps involved grading papers and writing columns

Gump's leadership of program helps editing community

By Leslie Heck

(August 25, 2006) — Visiting Prof. Deborah Gump loves teaching editing, and the Knight Ohio Program for Editing and Editing Education allows her to spread that love for five years.

Two honored for service to AEJMC

By Staff

(August 25, 2006) — Two Scripps professors were honored last August for their long service to the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, the nation's largest organization for journalism professors.

In Memoriam: Robert

By Staff

(August 25, 2006) — He was equally at home in the newsroom and the advertising department.

Two profs receive universitywide teaching awards

By Staff

(August 25, 2006) — It's no secret among Scripps students and graduates that two of the best teachers in the journalism school are Assoc. Prof. Mary Rogus and visiting Prof. Deborah Gump.

Baltimore Sun foreign Correspondent

By Staff

(August 25, 2006) — When most reporters file their stories, they don't have to stand on top of a crumbling Baghdad building to search for a satellite signal as bombs explode nearby.

After graduation, Scripps Students take turns as America's teachers

By Anna Maria Georgalis

(August 25, 2006) — Catie Wood (BSJ '05) can recall occasions at Colier Elementary, in Avondale, Ariz., when her students achieve reading proficiency at a third-grade level — usually when they reach the seventh grade.

Couple makes a classroom memory - after graduation

By Maggie Maxwell

(August 25, 2006) — Thousands of students have passed through Anderson Auditorium in E.W. Scripps Hall, but only one alumna has so far walked into the classroom to receive a bouquet of roses and a marriage proposal.

Journalism alumnus launches boss evaluation Web site

By Anna Maria Georgalis

(August 25, 2006) — A lengthy career in what he calls "the corporate world" compelled one OU journalism alumnus to venture into the dot-com realm.

Scripps provides new home for "Neuhaus Collection"

By Patrick Bourland

(August 25, 2006) — Decades of annotated magazines could enrich, enlighten curious rummagers

Public Relationship leads alumni to love

By Maggie Maxwell

(August 25, 2006) — For many students in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, extracurricular clubs and professional organizations offer avenues for creativity, career experience and networking.

In Memoriam: Eric Mansfield

By Staff

(August 25, 2006) — Eric Mansfield (BSJ '94) died after being fatally wounded on Nov. 11, 2005.

In Memoriam: William Kuhs

By Staff

(August 25, 2006) — William Kuhs (BSJ '61) died on Jan. 3, 2006, as the age of 74.

J-School launched a lifelong love for writing

By Patricia Lahrmer Ross

(August 25, 2006) — Whenever I think of Ohio University's journalism school, I think of a perfect small world in the heart of Athens.

Class Notes Summer 2006

By Staff

(August 25, 2006) — What are alumni doing now?

Homecoming 2005

Photos by Dan Hargens

(March 17, 2006) — Proving once again that Scripps hall is a second home to students and alumni, dozens of J-school alumni and friends (and a few pets) showed up Oct. 22 for Scripps' Homecoming reception, where they caught up with old friends, with faculty and staff members, gave advice to current students, and, of course, nibbled on some pretty tasty snacks.

In Memoriam of Kenneth Jacobson

By Sid Davis

(March 17, 2006) — Kenneth Jacobson, (BSJ '53), 73, a former newspaper reporter, columnist and public relations executive, died of cancer March 12 at his home in Potomac , Md.

In Memoriam of Lee Thomas

By Kenneth Fulton

(March 17, 2006) — Lee Thomas (BSJ '59) died in Las Vegas on Wednesday, July 27, 2005, after a gallant yearlong fight with cancer.

Class Notes Winter 2006

By Staff

(March 17, 2006) — What are alumni doing now?

Thanks to profs for out-of-class advice

By Andrea Tortora

(March 17, 2006) — The pungent smell of pipe smoke and the Nittany Lion's fight song wafting out of Prof. Don Lambert's office.

The Ohio Journalist — Reaching for excellence

By Elyse Morelli, Brian O’Keefe, Stacie Soucek

(March 17, 2006) — Touching the nose on the bust of E.W. Scripps is considered good luck by students.

Bigger... And getting better, too

By Thomas Hodson

(March 17, 2006) — The pathway to growth can be tricky to navigate — fraught with perils both perceived and hidden.

The international experience

By John Nank

(March 17, 2006) — Institute gives opportunities for students here and abroad

Incoming Scripps class receives warm welcome

By John Nank

(March 17, 2006) — Annual autumn event allows freshman and instructors to meet one another

Experimental courses enrich Scripps' curriculum

By Megan Metz

(March 17, 2006) — Sometimes, the tried-and-true isn't enough.

Required advising is beneficial to Scripps students

By Megan Metz

(March 17, 2006) — As academic advising week rolls around each quarter, students and advisors scramble to work the required advisor-advisee conferences into their already busy schedules.

Journalists recall working after Hurricane Katrina

By Alissa Polles

(March 17, 2006) — Families spent days trapped on their rooftops praying for help to arrive.

Join the club — A special report on student organizations

By Laurie Banyay

(March 17, 2006) — Students reap benefits from communication organizations

AWC gains ground for women in communication

By Meghan Dougan

(March 17, 2006) — When it comes to professional development, many groups on campus offer Scripps students the chance to take their careers for a test drive.

BSCC benefits members professionally, personally

By Meghan Dougan

(March 17, 2006) — Increasing diversity has been a big issue on the Athens campus this year, and one student organization is striving to push for diversity in the field of communications by giving black students a platform.

Debatin beats sickness, gains new outlook on life

By Joe Rudemiller

(March 17, 2006) — We're often told that you never really know what you have until it's gone.

Scripps faculty shines at yearly AEJMC conference

By Joe Rudemiller

(March 17, 2006) — When it comes to providing students with a quality education, Scripps faculty members are never questioned.

Three professors take on new administrative responsibilities

By Cheryl Sadler

(March 17, 2006) — Although Scripps faculty members dedicate their time to teaching, conducting research and advising students and organizations, some help with administrative duties in the school and the university.

Scripps faculty takes on OU's party-school image

By Kristen Petrarca

(March 17, 2006) — Party-school ranking a 'serious challenge,' but administrators are optimistic

Hurricane hits home for some faculty members

By Cheryl Sadler

(March 17, 2006) — Media coverage of Gulf Coast disaster serves as lesson for Scripps students

Scripps graduates work on the global platform

By Julie Spring

(March 17, 2006) — Throw a dart on the map, and no matter where it lands, you will probably find a Scripps graduate.

Scripps grads enjoy an inter-office camaraderie

By Laura Alexander

(March 17, 2006) — "We have a common bond. I knew we would always have something to talk about." — Scott Powers (BSJ '81) Orlando Sentinel senior staff reporter

Medal of Merit winner offers tips to students

By Mairi Adams

(March 17, 2006) — Scripps alumnus Peter King (BSJ '79) received the 2005 Medal of Merit during last fall's Homecoming festivities.

Scripps alumna not defeated by Hurricane Katrina

By Mairi Adams

(March 17, 2006) — Hurricane threats and real evacuations are a seasonal reality in New Orleans.

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