The original guide -- a 35-page pamphlet --  was probably done in the 1950s. The preface text is reproduced below as it appeared in print; updates to the pronunciations themselves come as the editor receives new information and corrections.

©2012 E.W.Scripps School of Journalism




This guide is published by the School of Journalism, Ohio University, as a convenient reference for use by busy newsmen and announcers in broadcasting stations. Limited resources made it necessary to restrict the names of cities and towns to those appearing in the U.S. Postal Guide and other names to prominent geographic features of the State of Ohio.
Many Ohio broadcasters assisted in the selection of the preferred pronunciations. In all cases where there was disagreement the one most likely to be accepted locally as correct was selected.
Necessarily in the selection of preferred pronunciations mistakes will be made, and anyone using this guide is invited to notify us of any corrections or additions he would desire so that these changes may be incorporated in a revised edition.
The cooperation of broadcasters in the preparation of this first edition is gratefully acknowledged.
-- School of Journalism Ohio University Athens Ohio






















Vowel Sounds *
















@ fat
ay pay
ah father
aw awful
ee tree
eh sell
ew view 
eye ice
ih lick 
oh so
ow cow
oo food
uh but 




La Fayette--Lah Fayette
Burr Oak--Burr Ohk
La Rue--La Roo










































*NOTE: When vowel sounds are in syllables that form familiar words, the above phonetics are omitted. 
Buckeye--BUCKeye; Butler--BUTler, etc.
Syllables upon which the accent falls are indicated by ALL CAPS
Chatfield--CHATfield; Canton--CANton
If there are two pronunciations, the first is preferable.


Aberdeen (@ bur deen)
Ada (AY duh)
Adams (@ duhmz)
Adamsville (@ duhmz vihl)
Addison (ADD i suhn)
Addyson (ADD i suhn)
Adelbert (uh DEL burt)
Adelphi (uh DEL feye)
Adena (uh DEEN uh)
Adrian (AID ree uhn)
Akron (AK ruhn)
Albany (ALL bun ee)
Alexandria (alex AND ree uh)
Alger (AL jur)
Alledonia (al ih DOHN yuh)
Allen (AL ehn)
Allensville (AL ehns vihl)
Alliance (uh LYE unce)
Alpha (AL fuh)
Alvada (al VAY duh)
Alvordton (AL vord tuhn)
Amanda (uh M@N duh)
Amelia (uh MEAL ya)
Amesville (AIMS vihl)
Amherst (AM herst)
Amlin (AM lynn)
Amsden (AMS den)
Amsterdam (AM stur dam)
Andover (AN dover)
Anna (ANN uh)
Ansonia (an SOHN ee uh)
Antioch (AN tee ock)
Antwerp (AN twerp)
Apple Creek (APP ul creek)
Arcadia (are KAY dee uh)
Arcanum (are KAN um)
Archbold (ARCH bowld)
Arlington (ARE ling tuhn)
Armstrongs Mills (ARM strongs MIHL z)
Ashland (ASH lund)
Ashley (ASH lee)
Ashtabula (ASH tuh BEW luh)
Ashville (ASH vihl)
Athens (@ thenz)
Atlanta (at L@N ta)
Attica (AT tick uh)
Atwater (AT wahtur)
Auglaize (AW glay z)
Augusta (aw GUST uh)
Aurora (uh ROAR uh)
Austinburg (AW stin burg)
Ava (AY vuh)
Avery (AY vur ee)
Avon (AY vahn)




Bainbridge (BAYN bridge)
Bakersville (BAY kurz vihl)
Baldwin-Wallace (BAHLD win WALL us)
Baltic (BALL tick)
Baltimore (BALL tih more)
Bannock (B@ nok)
Barberton (BAHR bur tuhn)
Barlow (BAHR loh)
Barnesville (BARNS vihl)
Bartlett (BART leht)
Barton (BAR tuhn)
Bascom (B@S cuhm)
Basil (BAH-zl)
Batavia (buh TAY vee uh)

Batesville (BAYTS vihl)
Bath (B@ th)
Baybridge (BAY bridge)
Beach City (BEECH SIT ee)
Beallsville (BELLZ vihl)
Beaver (BEE vur)
Beavercreek (BEE vur kreek)
Bedford (BED furd)
Bellaire (behl AIR)
Bellbrook (BEHL brook)
Belle Center (BEHL CENT ur)
Bellefontaine (behl FOWN tuhn)
Belle Valley (BEHL V@L ee)
Bellevue (BEHL view)
Bellville (BEHL vihl)
Belmont (BEHL mahnt)
Belmore (BEHL mohr)
Beloit (beh LOYT)
Belpre (BEHL pree)
Benton Ridge (BEN tuhn RIH g)
Bentonville (BEN tuhn vihl)
Berea (buh REE uh)
Bergholz (BURG hole z)
Berkey (BUR kee)
Berlin (BUR lynn)
Berlin Center (BUR lynn CEN tur)
Berlin Heights (BUR lyn HY ts)
Bethel (BEH thul)
Bethesda (buh THEZ duh)
Bettsville (BETS vihl)
Beulah Beach (BEW luh BEECH)
Beverly (BEH vur lee)
Bexley (BEHX lee)
Bidwell (BID wehl)
Big Creek (BIG KREEK)
Big Prairie (BIG PRAYER ee)
Birmingham (BUR ming ham)
Blackfork (BL@K fork)
Blacklick (BL@K lihk)
Bladensburg (BLAY duhns burg)
Blaine (BLAY n)
Blakeslee (BLAYKS lee)
Blanchester (BL@N chest ur)
Blissfield (BLISS feeld)
Bloomdale (BLOOM dayl)
Bloomingburg (BLOOM ing burg)
Bloomingdale (BLOOM ing dayl)
Bloomville (BLOOM vihl)
Blue Creek (BLUE KREEK)
Blue Rock (BLUE RAHK)
Bluffton (BLUHF tuhn)
Boardman (BORED muhn)
Bolivar (BOLL ah ver)
Botkins (BAHT kinz)
Bourneville (BORN vihl)
Bowerston (BOW urz tuhn)
Bowersville (BOW urz vihl)
Bowling Green (BOH ling GREE n)
Bradford (BR@D furd)
Brady Lake (BRAY dee LAY k)
Bradley (BR@D lee)
Bradner (BR@D nuhr)
Branchill (BRAN chill)
Brecksville (BRECKS vihl)
Bremen (BREH muhn)
Brewster (BREW stuhr)
Brice (BREYE c)
Bridgport (BRIDGE port)
Briggs (BRIHG z)
Brilliant (BRILL yunt)
Brimfield (BRIM feeld)
Brinkhaven (BRINK hay vuhn)
Bristolville (BRISS tuhl vihl)
Broadway (BRAWD way)
Brookfield (BROOK feeld)
Brookville (BROOK vihl)
Brown (BROW n)
Brownsville (BROWNZ vihl)
Brunswick (BRUNZ wik)
Bryan (BRY uhn)
Buchtel (BOOK tuhl)
Buckeye (BUCK eye)
Buckeye Lake (BUCK eye LAY k)
Buckland (BUCK lund)
Bucyrus (bew SIGH russ)
Buffalo (BUFF uh loh)
Buford (BEW ferd)
Burbank (BUR baynk)
Burghill (BURG hill)
Burgoon (BUR goon)
Burkettsville (BUR kehts vihl)
Burr Oak (BUR OH k)
Burton (BUR tuhn)
Butler (BUT luhr)
Byesville (BEYES vihl)




Canaanville (CANE un vihl)
Cable (KAY buhl)
Cadiz (K@ dis)
Cairo (CARE oh)
Caldwell (KAHLD well)
Caledonia (kahl ih DOHN ee uh)
Cambridge (KAYM bridge)
Camden (CAM dehn)
Cameron (CAM er uhn)
Campbell (CAM el) [silent B]
Camp Dennison (CAMP DEHN nih suhn)
Canal Fulton (cuh NAL FULL tuhn)
Canal Winchester (cuh NAL WIN chest her)
Canfield (CAN feeld)
Canton (CAN tuhn)
Capital (CAP ih tuhl)
Carbondale (CAR buhn dale)
Carbon Hill (CAR buhn HILL)
Cardington (CAR ding tuhn)
Carey (CARE ee)
Carlisle (CAR lye uhl)
Carpenter (CAR puhn tuhr)
Carroll (CARE uhl)
Carrollton (CARE uhl tuhn)
Carrothers (kuh RUH therz)
Carthagena (CAR thuh GEE nuh)
Cascade (KAS KAY d)
Casstown (KAS town)
Castalia (kas TAYL yuh)
Castine (K@S teen)
Catawba (kuh TAH buh)
Cecil (SEE suhl)
Cedarville (SEE dur vil)
Celina (suh LY nah)
Centerburg (SEHN tuhr burg)
Chagrin Falls (shuh GRIN FALL z)
Champaign (cham PAY n)
Chauncey (CHANCE ee)
Chandlersville (CHAND lurz vihl)
Chardon (SHAR duhn)
Chatfield (CHAT feeld)
Chautauqua (chuh TAWK wuh)
Cherry Fork (CHAIR ee FORK)
Chesapeake (CHESS uh peek)
Cheshire (CHESH uhr)
Chester (CHEST uhr)
Chesterhill (CHEST uhr hill)
Chesterland (CHEST uhr lund)
Chesterville (CHEST uhr vihl)
Cheviot (SHEV-ee-uht)
Chicasaw (CHICK uh saw)
Chillicothe (chill uh KAW thee)
Chilo (SHY lo)
Chippewa Lake (CHIP uh wah LAYK)
Christianburg (KRIST yunz burg)
Cincinnati (sin sin NATTY)
Circleville (SIR kuhl vihl)
Clarington (KLAIR ing tuhn)
Clark (KLAHR k)
Clarksburg (KLAHRKS burg)
Clarksville (KLAHRKS vihl)
Clay Center (KLAY SENT uhr)
Claysville (KLAYZ vihl)
Clayton (KLAY tuhn)
Clear Fork (CLEAR FOR k)
Clermont (KLAIR mahnt)
Cleveland (KLEAVE lund)
Cleves (KLEEVS)
Clifton (CLIFF tuhn)
Clinton (KLIN tuhn)
Cloverdale (CLOHVR dayl)
Clyde (KLEYE d)
Coal Run (COAL RUN)
Coalton (COAL tuhn)
Coldwater (COLD WAH tuhr)
Colerain (KOHL rain)
College Corner (KAH ledge CORN uhr)
Collins (KAH lihnz)
Collinsville (KAH lihnz vihl)
Colton (KOHL tuhn)
Columbia (koh LUM bee uh)
Columbiana (koh LUM bee ANN uh)
Columbus (kuh LUM bus)
Columbus Grove (kuh LUM bus GROW v)
Commercial Point (kuh MUR shul POYnt)
Conesville (KOHNZ vihl)
Conneaut (KAHN ee awt)
Conover (KAHN oh vur)
Constitution (kahn stih TEW shun)
Continental (kahn tih NEHN tuhl)
Convoy (KAHN voy)
Coolville (COOL vihl)
Copley (KOH plee)
Corning (KORN ing)
Cortland (KORT lund)
Coshocton (kuh SHAWK tuhn)
Covington (KUH veen tuhn)
Cowan (KOW uhn)
Crane Creek (KRAYN KREEK)
Crawford (KRAW furd)
Creola (kree OH luh)
Crestline (KREST line)
Creston (KRES tuhn)
Cridersvllle (KREYE durz vihl)
Crooksville (KROOKS vihl)
Croton (CROW tuhn)
Crown City CROWN SIT ee)
Cuba (KEW buh)
Cumberland (KUM bur land)
Curtice (KUR tiss)
Custar (KUS tuhr)
Cutler (CUT luhr)
Cuyahoga (kye uh HOG uh) (or HOE-guh)
Cygnet (SIG net)
Cynthiana (sin thee ANN uh)














·         @ as in fat
ay as in pay
ah as in father
aw as in awful
ee as in tree
eh as in sell 
eye as in ice
ih as in lick 
oo as in food
ow as in cow 
oh as in so
uh as in but














































































Dalton (D@L tuhn)
Damascus (duh MASS kus)
Danville (DAN vihl)
Darke (DARK)
Dart (DART)
Dayton (DAY tuhn)
Decatur (dee KAY tur)
Deerfield (DEER feeld)
Deersville (DEERS vihl)
Defiance (dee FEYE uhnse)
De Graf (dee GR@F)
Delaware (DELL uh wair)
Delhi  (DELL-high)
Delphos (DELL fohs)
Dellroy (DELL roy)
Delta (DELL tuh)
Dennison (DEN ih suhn)
Derby (DUR bee)
Derwent (DUR went)
Deshler (DESH lur)
De Vola (dee VOH luh)
Dexter (DEX tuhr)
Dexter City (DEX tuhr SIT ee)
Diamond (DEYE mund)
Dillonvale (DIHL uhn vayl)
Dola (DOH lah)
Donnelsville (DON uhlz vihl)
Dorset (DOR sut)
Dover (DOH vur)
Doylestown (DOY lz town)
Dresden (DREHS den)
Dublin (DUB lin)
Dunbridge (DUN bridge)
Duncan Falls (DUNK in FALLS)
Dundas (DUN dubs)
Dundee (duhn DEE)
Dunglen (DUN glen)
Dunkirk (DUN kurk)
Dupont (dew PAHNT)
Dyke (DEYE k)








East Claridon (EEST KLAIR ih duhn)
East Fultonham EEST FULL TUHN ham)
East Harbor (EEST HAHR bur)
East Liberty (EEST LIH bur tee)
East Liverpool (EEST LIH vur pool)
East Monroe (EEST muhn ROH)
East Orwell (EEST OHR well)
East Palestine (EEST PAL ih steyen)
East Rochester (EEST RAH chester)
East Spar-ta (EEST SPAHR tuh)
East Springfield (EEST SPRING feeld)
Eaton (EE tuhn)
Edenton (EEDUN tuhn)
Edgerton (EH jur tuhn)
Edison (EH dih suhn)
Edon (EE duhn)
Elba (EL buh)
Eldorado (EL door AY doh)
Elgin (EL gin)
Elida (ee LEYE duh)
Elliston (EL ihs tuhn)
Ellsworth (ELZ wurth)
Elm Grove (ELM GROW v)
Elmore (EL mohr)
Elyria (uh LEER yuh)
Empire (EM peye r)
Englewood (EHN guhl wood)
Enon (EE nuhn)
Enterprise (EN tuhr prize)
Erie (EAR ee)
Etna (ET nuh)
Evansport (EH vunz port) Evendale (EE vun dayl)
Ewington (YOU ing tuhn)
Excello (ex SELL oh)



Fairborn (FAIR born)
Fairfield (FAIR feeld)

Fairpoint (FAIR poynt)

Fairview (FAIR vyou)

Farmdale (FARM dayl)

Farmer (FAR muhr)

Farmersville (FAR muhrz vihl)

Fayette (fay EHT)

Fayetteville (FAY eht vihl)

Feesburg (FEEZ burg)

Felicity (fuh LIH sit ee)

Fenn (FEHN)

Findlay (FIHND lee)

Findley (FIHND lee)

Flat Rock (FLAT rahk)

Fleming (FLEH ming)

Fletcher (FLEH chur)

Flushing (FLUH shing)


Forest (FOR est)

Forked Run (FORK d RUN)

Fort Loramie (FORT LOHR uh mee)

Fort Recovery (FORT ree KUH vuh ree)

Fort Seneca (FORT SEH nuh kuh)

Fostoria (faw STOH ree uh)

Fowler (FOW luhr)

Frankfort (FRANK furt)

Franklin (FRANK lin)

Franklin Furnace (FRANK lin FUR ness)

Frazeysburg (FRAY zeez burg)

Fredericksburg (FRED rihx burg)

Fredericktown (FRED rihk town)

Freeport (FREE port)

Fremont (FREE mahut)

Fresno (FREHZ noh)

Friendship (FRIEND ship)

Frost (FRAW st)

Fulton (FULL tuhn)

Fultonham (FULL tuhn ham)













































Gahanna (gah HAN nuh)
Galena (guh LEE nuh)
Galion (GAL yuhn)
GaIlia (GAL yuh)
Gallipolis (gal ih POLICE)
Galloway (GAL loh way)
Gambier (GAM beer)
Garrettsville (GAIR ehts vihl)
Geauga (Gee AW gah) or (JAW gah)
Geneva (joh NEE vuh)
Genoa (jeh NO ah)
Georgetown (GEORGE town)
Germano (jehr MAH noh)
Gettysburg (GEH teez burg)
Gibsonville (GIB suhn vihl)
Giffin (GIH fin)
Gilboa (gihl BOH uh)
Girard (jih RAHR d)
Glandorf (GLAN dorf)
Glenford (GLEN furd)
Glouster (GLOW stir)
Gnadenhutten (ji NAY dun huh tehn)
Good Hope (GOOD HOPE)
Gordon (GOHR duhn)
Gore (GOHR)
Goshen (GOH shun)
Grafton (GRAF tuhn)
Grand (GRAND)
Grand Rapids (GRAND R@ pids)
Grand River (GRAND RIH vur)
Grandview (GRAND vue)
Granville (GR@N vihl)
Gratiot (GRAY shot)
Gratis (GR@ tus)
Graysville (GRAYZ vihl)
Graytown (GRAY town)
Green Camp (GREEN kamo)
Green (GREE n)
Greenfield (GREEN feeld)
Greenford (GREEN furd)
Greensburg  (GREENZ burg)
Green Springs (GREEN SPRINGz)
Greentown (GREEN town)
Greenville (GREEN vihl)
Greenwich (GREEN witch)
Grelton (GREL tuhn)
Groesbeck (GROHZ beck)
Groveport (GROHV port)
Grover Hill (GROW vur HILL)
Guernsey (GURN'zee)
Guilford Lake (GIHL ford LAY k)
Guysville (GEYEZ vihl)
Gypsum (JIHP suhm)


Hallsville (HAHLZ vihl)
Hamden (HAM den)
Hamersville (HAY murz vihl)
Hamilton (HAM uhl tuhn)
Hamler (HAM lur)
Hammondsville (HAM uhndz vihl)
Hancock (H@N kahk)
Hanging Rock (HANG ihng RAHK)
Hannibal (H@N ih buhl)
Hanoverton (H@N oh vur tuhn)
Harbor View (HAHR bur VIEW)
Hardin (HAHR dihn)
Hargus Oreek (HAHR guhs KREEK)
Harlem Springs (HAHR luhm SPRINGS)
Harpster (HAHRP stur)
Harrietsvllle (HARRY ets vihl)
Harrisburg vHAIR Ihs burg)
Harrison (HAIR ih suhn)
Harrison Lake (HAIR ih suhn LAYK)
Harrisonville (HaIR ih suhn vihl)
Harrisville (HAIR ihs vihl)
Harrod (HAIR uhd)
Hartford (HART furA)
Hartville (HART vihl)
Harveysburg (HAHR veez burg)
Haskins (H@S kihnz)
Haverhill (H@ vur hill)
Haviland (H@ vih lund)
Haydenville (HAY den vihl)
Hayesville (HAYS vihl)
Headlands (HEAD lands)
Heath (HEE th)
Hebron (HEE brun)
Heidelberg (HEYE dehl berg)
Helena (HELL an uh)
Hemlock (HEM lahk)
Hemlock Grove (HEM lahk GROW v)
Hendrysburg (HEN dreez burg)
Henry (HEN ree)
Hickeville (HIX vihl)
Higginsport (HIH guhnz port)
Highland (HEYE lund)
Hilliard (HILL yahrd)
Hillsboro (HILLS buro)

Hiram (HYE rum)
Hocking (HAH king)
Hockingport (HAH king port)
Holgate (HOHL gay t)
Holland (HAH lund)
Hollansburg (HAH luhnz burg)
Holloway (HAH loh way)
Holmes (HOHLM z)
Holmesville (HOHLMZ vihl)
Homer (HOH mur)
Homerville (HOH mur vihl)
Homeworth (HOME wurth)
Hooven (HOO vun)
Hopedale (HOHP dayl)
Hopewell (HOHP well)
Houston (HOUSE tuhn)
Howard (HOW urd)
Hoytville (HOYT vihl)
Hubbard (HUH burd)
Hudson (HUHD suhn)
Hueston Woods (HEWstun WOOD z)
Huntsburg (HUNTS burg)
Huntsville (HUNTS vihl)
Huron (HUR uhn)

Iberia (eye BEER EE uh)
Idaho (EYE duh ho)
Indian (IN dee uhn)
Irondale (EYE ruhn dayl)
Ironton (EYE ruhn tuhn)
Irwin (UR win)
Isle Saint George EYEL Saynt GEORGE)
Ithaca (IH thih kuh)






















·         @ as in fat
ay as in pay
ah as in father
aw as in awful
ee as in tree
eh as in sell 
eye as in ice
ih as in lick 
oo as in food
ow as in cow 
oh as in so
uh as in but














































Jackson (J@K suhn)
Jackson Center (J@K suhn CENT r)
Jacksontown (J@K suhn town)
Jacksonville (J@K suhn vihl)
Jacobsburg (JAY kuhbz burg)
Jamestown (JAY mz town)
Jasper (J@S pur)
Jefferson (JEHF ur suhn)
Jeffersonville (JEHF ur suhn vihl)
Jenera (Juh Nair uh)
Jeromesville (juh RCMES vihl)
Jerry Gity (JEHR ee SIT ee)
Jerusalem (juh REW suh lum)
Jewell (JEW uhl)
Jewett (JEW uht)
John Bryan (JOHN BRY uhn)
Johnstown (JAHNZ town)


Kalida (kah LEYE duh)
Kansas (CAN zus)
Keene (KEY n)
Kellys Island (KEH leez EYE lund)
Kensington (KEHN zing tuhn)
Kent (KEHNT)
Kenton (KEHN tuhn)
Kenyon (KEN yuhn)
Kerr (KURR)
Kettering (KEHT ur ing)
Kettlersville (KEHT luhrz vihl)
Kidron (KIHD ruhn)
Kilbourne (KILL born)
Killibuck (KILL uh buck)
Kimbolton (KIM bohn tuhn)
Kings Mills (KINGz MILLz)
Kingston (KINGZ tuhn)
Kingeville (KINGZ vihl)
Kipling (KIP ling)
Kipton (KIP tuhn)
Kirby (KUR bee)
Kirkereville (KUR kurz vihl)
Kiser Lake (KEYE zur LAYK)
Kitts Hill (KITS HILL)
Knox (NAHX)
Kunkle (KUHN kl)



Lacarne (luh KAHR n)
La Payette (LAH FAY eht)
Lafferty (L@ fur tee)
Lagrange (luh GRAY ng)
Laings (LAYN gz)
Lake (LAYK)
Lake Alma (LAYK AHL muh)
Lake Hope (LAYK HOR p)
Lake Milton (IAYK MILL tuhn)
Lakemore (LAYK mohr)
Lakeside (LAYK side)
Lakeview (LAYK view)
Lake White (LAYK WHY t)
Lamira (luh MY ruh)
Lancaster (LANG kuhss tur)
Langsville (LANGS ville)
Lansing (L@N sing)
La Rue (lah ROO)
Latham (LAY thum)
Latty (L@ tee)
Laura (LORE uh)
Laurelville (LORE uhl vihl)
Lawrence (LORE ehnse)
Leavittsburg (LEH vihtz burg)
Lebanon (LEH buh nahn)
Leesburg (LEEZ burg)
Lees Creek (LEEZ KREEK)
Leesville (LEEZ vihl)
Leetonia (lee TOH nee uh)
Leipsic (LIP sick)
Lemoyne (luh MOY n)
Leroy (LEE roy)
Lewisburg (LEW us burg)
Lewis Center (LEW us CENT r)
Lewistown (LEW us town)
Lewisville (LEW us vihl)
Liberty Center (LIH bur tee CENT r)
Licking (LIH king)
Lima (LEYE muh)
Limaville (LEYE muh vihl)
Lindsey (LIND zee)
Lisbon (LIHZ buhn)
Litchfield (LITCH feeld)
Lithopolis (leye THOP oh lis)
Little Hocklng (LITTLE HOCK ing)
Lockbourne (LOCK born)
Lockwood (LOCK wood)
Lodi (LO dye)
Logan (LOW gun)
London (LUN dun)
Londonderry (LUNDUN dare ee)
Long Bottom (LONG bottum)
Lorain (lore AIN)
Loramie (LORE uh mee)
Loudonville (LOUD uhn vihl)
Louisville (LOO iss vihl)
Loveland (LUV lund)
Lowell (LOW uhl)
Lowellville (LOW uhl vihl)
Lower Salem (LOW ur SAILuhm)
Lucas (LEW kus)
Lucasville (LEW KUS vihl)
Luckey (LUH key)
Ludlow Falls (LUD low FALLS)
Lynchburg (LINCH burg)
Lyndhurst-Mayfield (LIND herst MAY feeld)
Lyndon (LIN duhn)
Lynx (LINKS)
Lyons (LEYE uhns)










































·         @ as in fat
ay as in pay
ah as in father
aw as in awful
ee as in tree
eh as in sell 
eye as in ice
ih as in lick 
oo as in food
ow as in cow 
oh as in so
uh as in but




































McArthur (mack ARE thur)
McClure (muh KLUR)
McComb (muh KOHM)
McConnelsville (muh KAHN elz vihl)
McCutchenville (muh CUTCH in vihl)
McDermott (muck DUR mut)
McDonald (muck DAHN ubld)
Macedonia (MASS uh DOH nee uh)
Macksburg (MAX burg)
Macon (MAY kuhn)
Madeira (muh DEAR uh)
Madison (MAD ih suhn)
Madison Lake (MAD ih suhn LAYK)
Magnetic Springs (mag NET ic SPRINGS)
Magnolia (mag NO lee uh)
Mahoning (mah HO ning)
Maineville (MAIN vihl)
Malaga (muh LAH guh)
Malinta (muh LIN tuh)
Malone (muh LOAN)
Malta (MAHL tuh)
Malvern (M@L vurn)
Manchester (MAN chester)
Mansfield (MANS feeld)
Mantua (MAN a way)
Maplewood (MAY pul wood)
Marathon (MAIR uh thawn)
Marblehead (MAHR buhl head)
Marengo (muh REHN go)
Maria Stein (muh REE uh STINE)
Mariemont (MARE ee mahnt)
Marietta (MARE ee EH tuh)
Marion (MARE ee uhn)
Mark Center (MARK CENT r)
Marshallville (MAHR shul vihl)
Martel (mahr TEIL)
Martin (MAHR tihn)
Martinsburg (MAHR tihns-burg)
Martins Ferry (MAHR tihns FAIR ee)
Martinsville (MAHR tihns vihl)
Marysville (MA.IR eez vihl)
Mason (MAY suhn)
Massillon (MASS ih luhn)
Masury (MAY zree)
Maumee (maw MEE)
Maximo (MAX uh mo)
Maynard (MAY nurd)
Mechanicsburg (muh K@ nix burg)
Mechanicstown (muh K@ nix town)
Medina (meh DEYE nuh)
Medway (MEHD way)
Meigs (MEGGS)
Melmore (MEHL mohr)
Melrose (MEHL roze)
Mendon (MEHN duhn)
Mentor (MEHN tur)
Mercer (MURR sir)
Mesopotamia (MEH soh puh TAY mee uh)
Metamora (MEH tuh MORE uh)
Miami (my AM ee)
Miamisburg (my AM eez burg)
Miamiville (my AM ee vihl)
Middle Bass (MIH duhl bass)
Middlebranch (MIH duhl branch)
Middleburg (MIH duhl burg)
Middlefield (MIH duhl feeld)
Middle Point (MIH duhl poy nt)
Middleport (MIH duhl port)
Midpark (MIHD park)
Midvale (MIHD vayl)
Milan (MEYE lan)
Milford (MIHI furd)
Milford Center (MIHL furd CENT r)
Millbury (MIHL burr ee)
Milledgeville (MIHL ehg vihl)
Miller City (MIH luhr SIT ee)
Millersburg (MIH luhrz burg)
Millersport (MIH luhrz port)
Millersville (MIH luhrz vihl)
Millfield (MIHL feeld)
Millville (MIHL vihl)
Milton Center (MIHL tuhn CENT r)
Mineral (MIH nuhr uhl)
Mineral Center (MIH nuhr uhl CENT r)
Mineral---Ridge (MIH nuhr uhl RIDGE)
Minereville (MY nuhrz vihl)
Minerva (muh NUR vuh)
Minford (MIHN furd)
Mingo (MING go)
Minster (MIHN stur)
Mogadore (MAH guh dohr)
Monclova (mahn KLOH vuh)
Monroe (muhn ROH)
Monroeville (muhn ROH vihl)
Montezuma (MAHN tuh ZOO muh)
Montgomery (mahnt GUM uhree)
Montpelier (mahnt PEEL yer)
Montville (MAHNT vihl)
Moorefield (MOHR feeld)
Moraine (more AIN)
Morgan (MORE gun)
Morral (MORE uhl)
Morristown (MORE uhs town)
Morrow (MORE oh)
Moscow (MAHS koh)
Mosquito (muh SKEE toh)
Mount Blanchard (MOUNT BLAN shurd)
Mount Cory (MOUNT CORE ee)
Mount Eaton (MOUNT EE tuhn)
Mount Gilead (MOUNT GIH lee uhd)
Mount Hope (MOUNT HOH p)
Mount Liberty (MOUNT LIH bur tee)
Mount Orab (MOUNT OAR uhb)
Mount Perry (MOUNT PEH ree)
Mount Pleasant (MOUNT PLEH zuhnt)
Mount Saint-Joseph (MOUNT SAYNT JOH suhf)
Mount Sterling (MOUNT STUR ling)
Mount Vernon (MOUNT VUR nuhn)
Moxahala (MAHX uh HAH luh)
Munroe Falls (muhn ROH FALLz)
Murray City (MUR ee SIT ee)
Muskingum (muhs KING uhm)



Nankin (N@N kihn)
Napoleon (nuh POH lee unn)
Nashville (NASH vihl)
Navarre (nuh VARR)
Neapolis (nee @P olis)
Neffs (NEHFS)
Negley (NEHG lee)
Nelsonville (NEHL suhn vihl)
Nevada (nuh V@ duh)
Neville (nuh VIHL)
New Albany (NEW ALL buhn ee)
Newark (NEW uhrk)
New Athens (NEW AY thinz)
New Bavaria (NEW BUH VAIR ee uh)
New Bloomington (NEW BLEW ming tuhn)
New Bremen (New BREE-men)
New Burlington (NEW BUR ling tuhn)
Newbury (NEW buhree)
New Carlisle (NEW car LEYE uhl)
Newcomerstown (NEW kuhm urz town)
New Concord (NEW KAHN cord)
New Hampshire (NEW HAMP shur)
New Haven (NEW hay vuhn)
New Holland (NEW HAH luhnd)
New Knoxville (NEW NAHX vihl)
New Lebanon (NEW LEH buh nahn)
New Lexington (NEW LEX ing tuhn)
New London (NEW LUHN duhn)
New Lyme (NEW LEYE m)
New Madison (NEW-MAD dih suhn)
New Marshfield (NEW MARSH feeld)
New Matamoras (NEW M@ tuh MOH ruhs)
New Middletown (NEW MIH duhl tuhn)
New Milford (NEW MIHL furd)
New Paris (NEW PAIR us)
New Philadelphia (NEW FILLuh DELLfee uh)
New Plymouth (NEW PLIH muhth)
Newport (NEW port)
New Richmond (NEW RICH mund)
New Riegel (NEW REE-guhl)
New Rumley (NEW RUM lee)
New Springfield (NEW SPRING feeld)
New Straitsville (NEW STRAITS vihl)
Newton Falls (NEW tuhn FALLz)
NewtonsviIle (NEW tuhns vihl)
New Vienna (NEW VEE EHN uh)
New Washington (NEW WASH ing tuhn)
New Waterford (NEW WAH tur ford)
New Weston (NEW WEHS tuhn)
Ney (NAY)
Niles (NEYE lz)
Noble (NOH buhl)
North Baltimore (NORTH BALL tih more)
North Bend (NOKiu 8ER nd)
North Benton (NORTH BEHN tuhn)
North Bloomfield (NORTH BLOOM feeld)
North Fairfield (NORTH FAIR feeld)
Northfield (NORTH feeld)
North Georgetown (NORTH GEORGE town)
North Hampton (NORTH H@MP tuhn)
North Jackson (NORTH JAX suhn)
North Kingsville (NORTH KINGS vihl)
North Lawrence (NORTH LORE uhnce)
North Lewisburg (NORTH LEW uhs burg)
North Lima (NORTH LEYE muh)
North Olmstead (NORTH OHEM stehd)
North Robinson (NORTH RAH bin suhn)
North Star (NORTH STAR)
Northup (NORTH up)
Norwalk (NOHR wawk)
Norwich (NOHR wich)
Nova (NOH vuh)
Novelty (NAH vuhl tee)



Oak Harbor (OHK HAHR buhr)
Oak Hill (OHK HILL)
Oakwood (OHK wood)
Oberlin (OH bur lin)
Obetz (OH behtz)
Oceola (OH see OH luh)
Ohio (oh HEYE oh)
Ohio City (oh HEYE oh SIT ee)
Okeana (OH kee AH nuh)
Okolona (OE' kuh LOH nuh)
Old Fort (OLD FORT)
Old Washington (OLD WASH ing tuhn)
Olentangy (OH lehn TANGE ee)
Ontario (ahn TAIR ee oh)
Orangeville (OAR enge vihl)
Oregon (OHR-ih-GAHN)
Oregonia (ore ih GOAN ee uh)
Orient (OR ee uhnt)
Orrville (OR vihl)
Orwell (OR well)
Osgood (AHZ good)
Ostrander (OH stran der)
Otsego (aut SAY go)
Ottawa (AH tuh wah)
Otterbein (AH tur beye n)
Ottoville (AUTO vihl)
Otway (AUT way)
Overpeck (OH vur peck)
Owensville (OH uhnz vihl)
Oxford (AUX ford)


























·         @ as in fat
ay as in pay
ah as in father
aw as in awful
ee as in tree
eh as in sell 
eye as in ice
ih as in lick 
oo as in food
ow as in cow 
oh as in so
uh as in but





























































Painesville (PAYNZ vihl)
Palestine (P@L ehs teye n)
Pandora (p@n DOOR uh)
Paris (PAIR us)
Parkman (PARK muhn)
Parma (PAHR muh)
Pataskala (puh TASK uh luh)
Patriot (PAY tree uht)
Patterson (PAT tehr suhn)
Paulding (PAhl ding)
Pavonia (puh VOH nee uh)
Payne (PAY n)
Pedro (PAY droh)
Peebles (PEE buhlz)
Pemberton (PEHM bur tuhn)
Pemberville (PEHM bur vihl)
Peninsula (puh NIHN suh luh)
Pennsville (PENTS vihl)
Peoria (pee OR ee uh)
Perintown (PEHR in town)
Perry (PAIR ee)
Perrysburg (PAIR eez burg)
Perrysville (PAIR eez vihl)
Petersburg (PEE tuhrz burg)
Pettisville (PEH tinZ vihl)
Phillipsburg (FILL ihps burg)
Philo (FEYE loh)
Phoneton (FOHN tuhn)
Pickaway (PIHK uh way)
Pickerington (PIHK uhr ing tuhn)
Piedmont (PEED mahnt)
Pierpont (PIER pahut)
Pike (PEYE k)
Piketon (PEYEK tuhn)
Piney Fork (PEYE nee-FORK)
Pioneer (PEYE oh NEAR)
Piqua (PICK wah)
Pitsburg (PITS burg)
Plain City (PLAYN SIT ee)
Plainfield (PLAYn feeld)
Pleasant City (PLEH zuhnt SIT ee)
Pleasant Hill (PLEH zuhnt HILL)
Pleasant Plain (PLEH zuhnt PLAY n)
Pleasantville (PLEH zuhnt vihl)
Plymouth (PLIH muhth)
Point Pleasant (POYNT PLEH zuhnt)
Polk (POHL k)
Pomeroy (PUM roy)
Portage (POR tage)
Port Jefferson (PORT JEH fur suhn)
Portland (PORT lund)
Portsmouth (PORTS muhth)
Port Washington (PORT WAH shing tuhn)
Port William (PORT WIHL yum)
Potsdam (PAHTS dam)
Powell (POW uhl)
Powhatan Point (pow HAT un POY nt)
Preble (PREH buhl)
Proctorville (PRAHK tuhr vihl)
Prospect (PRAH spect)
Punderson (PUN dur suhn)
Put-in-Bay (PUT ihn bay)
Putnam (PUHT nuhm)
Pymatuning (PEYE muh TUNE ing)

Quak-er City (KWAY kur SIT ee)
Quincy (KWIN see)



Racine (ray-SEEN) or (ruh SEEN) 
Radcliff (RAD cliff)
Radnor (RAD nor)
Rainsboro (RAYNZ buro)
Randolph (RAN dahlf)
Rarden (RAIR duhn)
Ravenna (ruh VENN uh)
Rawson (RAW suhn)
Ray (RAY)
Rayland (RAY luhnd)
Raymond (RAY muhnd)
Reading (RED ding)
Reedsville (REEDZ vihl)
Reesville (REES vihl)
Relly (REYE lee)
Reinersville (REYE nuhrz vihl)
Rendville (REHND vihl)
Reno (REE noh)
Republic (ree PUHB lick)
Reynoldsburg (REH nohldz burg)
Richland (RICH luhnd)
Richmond (RICH muhnd)
Richmond Dale (RICH muhnd dayl)
Richwood (RICH wood)
Ridgeville Corners (RIDGE vihl KOHR nurz)
Ridgeway (RIDGE way)
Rinard Mills (REYE nuhrd MILLS)
Rio Grande (REYE oh GRAND)
Ripley (RIHP lee)
Risingsun (REYE zing suhn)
Rittman (RIHT muhn)
Robertsville (RAH burtz vihl)
Robins (RAH bihnz)
Rochester (RAH chestur)
Rockbridge (RAHK bridge)
Rock Camp (RAHK K@MP)
Rock Creek (RAHK KREEK)
Rockford (RAHK ford)
Rocky Ford (RAH kee FORD)
Rockyridge (RAHK ee ridge)
Rodney (RAHD nee)
Rogers (RAH jurz)
Rome (ROH m)
Roosevelt (ROZE uh vehlt)
Rootstown (ROOTS town)
Rosemount (ROZE mahnt)
Roseville (ROSE vihl)
Rosewood (ROSE wood)
Ross (RAW se)
Rossburg (RAWSE burg)
Rossford (RAWSE furd)
Rossmoyne (RAWSE moy n)
Roundhead (ROUND head)
Rudolph (REW dahl f)
Rushsylvania (RUSH sill VAY nee uh)
Rushville (RUSH vihl)
Russells Point (RUH sells POY nt)
Russellville (RUH sell vihl)
Russia (ROO she)
Rutland (RUT luhnd)


Sabina (sah BINE ah)
Saint Clairsville (SAINT KLAIRZ vihl)
Saint Henry (SAYNT HEHN ree)
Saint Johns (SAYNT JAHNZ)
Saint Louisville (SAYNT LOO iss vihl)
Saint Martin (SAYNT MAHR tuhn)
Saint Marys (SAYNT MAIR eez)
Saint Paris (SAYNT PAIR us)
Salem (SAY luhm)
Salesville (SAY uhlz vihl)
Salineville (suh LEEN vihl)
Sandusky (san DUH skee)
Sandyville (SAN dee vihl)
Sarahsville (SEH ruhz vihl)
Sardinia (sahr DIN ee ah)
Sardis (SAHR dihs)
Savannah (sah VAN nuh)
Scio (SIGH oh)
Scioto (sigh OH tuh)
Scioto Furnace (sigh OH tuh FUR nuhs)
Scioto Trail (sigh OH toh TRAYl)
Scott (SKAHT)
Scottown (SKAHT town)
Seaman (SEE muhn)
Sebring (SEE bring)
Sedalia (seh DAYL yuh)
Sedamsville (suh-DAMS-vihl)

Selma (SELL muh)
Seneca (SEH nuh kuh)
Senecaville (SEH nuh kuh vihl)
Seven Mile (SEH von MY l)
Seville (suh VIHL)
Shade (SHAY d)
Shadyside (SHAY dee side)
Shandon (SH@N duhn)
Shanesville (SHAY nz vihl)
Sharpsburg (SHARPS burg)
Shauck (SHOCK)
Shawnee (shaw NEE)
Shelby (SHELL bee)
Sherrodsville (SHARE ahdz vihl)
Sherwood (SHUR wood)
Shiloh (SHEYE loh)
Shinrock (SHIN rawk)
Shore (SHORE)
Short Creek (SHORT KREEK)
Shreve (SHREEV)
Sidney (SID nee)
Sinclair (sin KLAIR)
Sinking Spring (SING king SPRING)
Smithfield (SMITH feeld)
Smithville (SMITH vihl)
Somerdale (SUH muhr dayl)
Somerset (SUH muhr set)
Somerton (SUH muhr tuhn)
Somerville (SUH muhr vihl)
Sonora (suh NOR a)
South Bass Island (SOUTH BASS EYE lund)
South Bloomingville (south BLEW ming vill)
South Charleston (south CHAH ruhlz tuhn)
Southington (SOW theeng tuhn)
South Lebanon (south LEH buh nahn)
South Point (SOUTH poynt)
South Salem (SOUTH SAY lum)
South Solon (SOUTH SAH luhn)
South Vienna (SOUTH VEE eh nuh)
South Webster (south WEHB stur)
Sparta (SPAHR tuh)
Spencer (SPEHN sir)
Spencerville (SPEHN sir vihl)
Springboro (SPRING buro)
Springfield (SPRING feeld)
Spring Valley (SPRING V@ lee)
Stafford (STAFF urd)
Stark (STARK)
Sterling (STIR ling)
Steubenville (STEW buhn vihl)
Stewart (STEW wert)
Stewartsville (STEW werts vihl)
Stillwater (STILL wahter)
Stockdale (STAHK dayl)
Stockport (STAHK port)
Stone Creek (STOHN KREEK)
Stonelick (STOHN lick)
Stoney Ridge (STOHN ee RIDGE)
Stout (STOWT)
Stow (STOH)
Strasburg (STRAHS burg)
Stratton (STR@T uhn)
Strouds Run (STROWDZ RUN)
Struthers (STRUH therz)
Stryker (STREYE kur)
Suffield (SUH feeld)
Sugarcreek (SHU gur kreek)
Sugar Grove (SHU gur GROW v)
SugarTree Ridge (SHU gur tree RIDGE)
Sullivan (SUH lih vihn)
Sulphur Springs (SUHL fur SPRINGS)
Summerfield (SUH mur feeld)
Summit (SUH miht)
Summit Station (SUH miht STAY shun)
Summitville (SUH miht vihl)
Sunbury (SUN berry)
Swanton (SWAHN tuhn)
Sycamore (SIHK uh mohr)
Sycamore Valley (SIHK uh mohr V@L ee)
Sylvania (sihl VAY nyuh)
Syracuse (SUR uh kewz)















































·         @ as in fat
ay as in pay
ah as in father
aw as in awful
ee as in tree
eh as in sell 
eye as in ice
ih as in lick 
oo as in food
ow as in cow 
oh as in so
uh as in but








































































Tacoma (tuh KOH muh)
Tallmadge (TAHL midge)
Tar Hollow (TAR HOLL oh)
Tarlton (TAHRL tuhn)
Terrace Park (TEAR us PARK)
Thackery (TH@K uh ree)
The Plains (thuh PLAY nz)
Thompson (TAWM suhn)
Thurman (THUR muhn)
Thurston (THUR stuhn)
Tiffin (TIH fin)
Tiltonsville (TIL tuhnz vihl)
Tipp City (TIHP' SIT ee)
Tippecanoe (TIHP ee kuh NEW)
Tiro (TEYE roh)
Toledo (tuh LEE doh)
Tontogany (tahn TAWG ah nee)
Torch (TOHRCH)
Toronto (tuh RAHN toh)
Tremont City (TREE mahnt SIT ee)
Trenton {TREHN tuhn)
Trimble (TRIHM buhl)
Trinway (TRIHN way)
Troy (TROY)
Trumbull (TRUHM buhl)
Tuppers Plains (TUHP purz PLAY nz)
Tuscarawas (tuss kuh RAW wuss)
Twinsburg (TWINZ burg)


Uhrichsville (URH ichs vihl)
Union (YOU nyun)
Union Furnace (YOU nyun FUR ness)
Unionport (YOU nyun pohrt)
Uniontown (YOU nyun town)
Unionville (YOU nyun vihl)
Unionville Center (YOU nyun vihl CENT r)
Uniopolis (YOU nee AH poh lihs)
Upper Sandusky (UH pur sun DUH skee)
Urbana (ur B@N a)
Ursuline (UR suh luhn)
Utica (YOU tih kuh)


Valley City (V@L ee SIT ee)
Van Buren (v@n BEWR uhn)
Van Buren Lake (v@n BEWR uhn LAYK)
Vandalia (v@n DAYL yuh)
Van Lue (v@n LOO)
Van Wert (V@N WERT)
Vaugnsville (VAWNZ vihl)
Venedocia (veh neh DOH see uh)
Venice (VEH nuss)
Vermilion (vur MIHL yuhn)
Verona (vuh ROHN uh)
Versailles (ver SALES)
Vickery (VIHK uhr ee)
Vienna (veye EH nuh)
Vincent (VIHN sehnt)
Vinton (VIHN tuhn)

Wadsworth (WAHDS wurth)
Wainwright (WAYN reyet) Wakatomika (wa ka TOM ik a)
Wakefield (WAYK feeld)
Wakeman (WAYK muhn)
Walbridge (WALL bridge)
Waldo (WALL doh)
Walhondong (wahl HAHN ding)
Walnut Creek (WALL nut KREEK)
Walsh (WALL sh)
Wapakoneta (WAH puh kuh NEH tuh)
Warner (WOHR nuhr)
Warnock (WOHR nahk)
Warren (WOHR ehn)
Warsaw (WOHR saw)
Washington (WAH shing tuhn)
Washington Court House (WAH shing tuhn KOH rt HOW s)
Waterford (WAH ter furd)
Waterloo (WAH ter loo)
Watertown (WAH ter town)
Waterville (WAH ter vihl)
Wauseon (WAW-see-ahn)
Waverly (WAY vur lee)
Wayland (WAY lund)
Wayne (WAY n)
Waynesburg (WAY nz burg)
Waynesfield (WAY nz feeld)
Waynesville (WAY nz vihl)
Wellington (WELL ing tuhn)
Wellston (WEHLZ tuhn)
Wellsville (WEHLZ vihl)
West Alexandria (WEST@LEXANN dree uh)
Westboro (WEST buro)
West Chester (WEST cheh stur)
West Elkton (WEST EHLK tuhn)
Westerville (WEST ur vihl)
West Farmington (WEST FAHRming tuhn)
West Jefferson (WEST JEH fur suhn)
West Lafayette (WEST LAH fee EHT)
Westlake (WEST layk)
West-Liberty (WEST LIH bur tee)
West Manchester (WEST M@N cheh stur)
West Mansfield (WEST M@NZ feeld)
West Middletown (WEST MIH duhl town)
West Millgrove (WEST MIHL grow v)
West Milton (WEST MIHL tuhn)
West Point (WEST poy nt)
West Richfield (WEST RICH feeld)
West Rushville (WEST RUSH vihl)
West Salem (WEST SAY luhm)
West Union (WEST YOU nyun)
West Unity (WEST YOU nuh tee)
Westville (WEST vihl)
Wharton (WAR tuhn)
Wheelersburg (WHEE lurz burg)
Whipple (WHIP puhl)
White Cottage (WHEYET CAH tihj)
Whitehouse (WHEYET how ss)
Wickliffe (WIHK lihf)
Wilberforce (WIHL bur force)
Wilkesville (WIHLKS vihl)
Willard (WIH luhrd)
Williams (WIHL yuhmz)
Williamsburg (WIHL yumz burg)
Williamsfield (WIHL yumz feeld)
Williamsport (WIHL yumz port)
Williamstown (WIHL yumz town)
Williston (WIHL ih stuhn)
Willoughby (WIHL oh bee)
Willow Wood (WIHL oh wood)
Willshire (WIHL sheye r)
Wilmington (WIHL ming tuhn)
Wilmot (WIHL mott)
Winchester (WIHN cheh stur)
Windham (WIHND uhm)
Windsor (WIHND zur)
Winesburg (WEYENZ burg)
Wingett Run (WIHNG eht RUN)
Winkle (WIHN kuhl)
Winona (wuh NOH nuh)
Winterset (WIHN tur set)
Withamsville (WIHTH uhmz vihl)
Wittenburg (WIHT ehn burg)
Wolf Run (WOLF RUN)
Wood (WOOD)
Woodsfield (WOODZ feeld)
Woodstock (WOOD stah k)
Woodville (WOOD vihl)
Wooster (WUSS tur)
Worthington (WUR theeng tuhn)
Wren (REHN)
Wyandot (WEYE uhn daht)















































·         @ as in fat
ay as in pay
ah as in father
aw as in awful
ee as in tree
eh as in sell 
eye as in ice
ih as in lick 
oo as in food
ow as in cow 
oh as in so
uh as in but





































Xavier (ZAY vee ur)
Xenia (ZEEN yuh)










Yellow Springs (YEH loh SPRINGZ)
Yorkshire (YOHRK shirr)
Yorkville (YOHRK vih l)
Youngstown (YUHNGZ town)




Zaleski (zuh LEH skee)
Zanesville (ZAYnz vihl)
Zoar (ZOHR)
Zoarville (ZOHR vihl)












































































































































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