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JSchools scholarship given top 10 designation by CIOS from The Director

A few weeks ago we received the following notice from the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship (CIOS). It’s taken us a little while, but we’ve finally figured out that it’s really good news! Read more

Scholars convene at AEJMC in Denver from The Director

Back in May, grad director Mike Sweeney wrote a blog post about the faculty and grad students who were headed to AEJMC in Denver to present their research. Read more

Some Thoughts on My Intellectual Journey from Hugh’s Views

As we approach the end of our careers, we professors surely reflect on what we have done in the past 30 to 50 years or so. What major questions did we raise and emphasize in our teaching and research? What tentative (an omnipresent qualifier) answers, if any, did we come up with? And how did these things relate to our work as professional communicators as well as to our transformative studies in grad school and beyond? Read more